Friday, December 31, 2010

Last Blog Post of 2010

Hubby and I used to be party animals in the day. Then we grew up. We got married and worked really hard to stay up late enough to ring in the new year. This year is not any different and we are NOT staying up. He might be, but I am on my way to dreamland. I am going to take an ibuprofen and head on up.

I walked 3.1 miles today on the Walk It Out. I feel like I ended the year better than I started it. Tomorrow, we will be doing fun stuff at the in-laws. Have a safe evening everyone!


  1. That's practically 5K! you go girl! go to bed, that is. Goodnight.

  2. Funny, hubby and I don't have to work tomorrow, and yet we were ready to go to sleep about an hour ago at 7pm. Talk about light weights!

    Polar's Mom