Monday, December 20, 2010

65 squats and Challenge

Lanie and I did our squats this morning. I did 65, she did 59. We are rocking it! I am 1/3 of the way to 200!

Spunkysuzi's challenge for this week is to keep a food journal. I am participating, just to see where I end up after a day. I usually have no idea how many calories I take in as I just work on making good choices. We shall see where I end up!

I just checked my grades and I ended up with 3 As, a B and a C. The C was in a class that I took just because I wanted to. Anyyippee, I have three weeks off, and will be refreshed and ready to go next semester.

Today, I'm making fruit leather with some of the applesauce I made last year. The house smells awesome right now!


  1. Wow your the queen of squats! Thanks for taking part in this weeks challenge :) I thought it might be quite eye opening for people.Congrats on grades pretty awesome kiddo.
    Are you making fruit leather in a dehydrator??

  2. I am making fruit leather in the dehydrator. I also have some craisins going in there too.

  3. I just got a dehydrator this year so i'm looking forward to strawberry season so i can make fruit leather :) How does the applesauce come out? Tasty??

  4. I thought the only way you could make fruit leather was with applesauce as the base. I knew you could add other fruits to the applesauce, but I didn't realize that I could just make other fruit sauces and do it that way.

    It comes out awesomely delicious!

  5. I'll have to look for the book that came with mine but i know it said you could but if you needed to thin it you could use applesauce? Oh well when i find it i'll let you know.