Saturday, December 11, 2010

Better Today

I forgot to mention that just venting my frustration about yesterday's cry made me feel so much better! Thank you all for listening, or reading, or whatever. Anyway, I am glad that today was better. I spent the day with the kiddos at the in-laws. Before that, I did 3.2 miles on the Walk It Out. That was really hard, but lots of fun.

We are expecting a blizzard tonight, and I have to drive 49 miles to work in the morning. I am not sure how to handle that. I guess I could call my boss and find out, if I can find her number. I can't find her number, so I emailed someone else. She should be able to get back to me by the time I'm supposed to leave in the morning.

Eating was really good today. For dinner tonight, we had navy beans that had been cooked with onions, mixed with peppers, tomatoes and purple potatoes. For lunch I had the veggies off of my kids pizza, my father-in-law had the cheese, and the kids ate the pepperoni and the crust. For breakfast, I had an avocado in a basil tomato wrap. I am really tired, probably anticipating the long drive in the morning.

1 comment:

  1. I'll be suprised if you make it through the winter with that drive. Remind me and I'll score you a directory so you'll have everybody's number in case you need them. Or, you could just ask me for the numbers.