Friday, December 3, 2010

4-5 Servings of Fruit, But NO MORE THAN 5

I have learned my lesson from the week I was trying to win the challenge, that really wasn't a contest, but I made it one (bad choice). I am back to eating 4-5 servings of fruit again, but I will not go over 5! If I ever decide to go over that amount, I will change the name of the fruit challenge to "Colon Blow!"

Anyway, I went to the store yesterday and bought a bunch of fresh fruit. I had to go back to the store and return 2 of the 3 coconuts and 3 avocados because they were bad. It really surprised me because I have never had bad produce from Meijer before. Anyway, they were very gracious in giving me my money back. Unfortunately, the only avocados they had left won't be ripe until spring.

I am having a birthday party tomorrow for Ice Blue Eyes before I have to take her home on Sunday. She is so excited about the party though! I will be making my famous vegan chocolate cake tomorrow morning. We cleaned the house tonight so there will be little to do in the morning before the big party! WOOT!

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  1. how many calories in that cake? I can't believe you're making me go ALL the way across the street for this party.