Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I hurt, bad. Why do I have to be so stinkin' competitive? Why can't I just let the person win? I have to push myself to limits that make it difficult for me to put my feet on the ground, put one foot in front of the other, sit down and pee. I will hopefully be better by tomorrow so that I can tear myself up again! I am so kicking this squat challenge in the squatter!

I was up .4 today, which is prolly just lactic acid. I am off to school to take my last two finals, sell back some books to pay rent, and have a big salad. I will also go to my mom's tonight to watch the season finale of Biggest Loser! Can I get a "Hollah"? Hollah!

Good day all!


  1. Well, yeah!
    The downside of being competitive!
    It'll pass.... after a couple of days of *ouch!*

  2. Hollah :) You've motivated to do some squats tomorrow and when i feel it the next day i'm sure i'll want to thank you! Not :)