Sunday, December 12, 2010

Took Advantage of the Blizzard!

How many calories does 36 minutes of shoveling burn? It was actually a lot of fun! When I got up this morning, I was all raring to go to work. It had only rained so far and I figured we weren't going to get that blizzard they were talking about. I checked the weather alerts and it mentioned the wet roads turning to ice, freezing rain on top of that and 2-3 inches of snow falling rapidly over the next two hours. I ended up opting not to go into work. So I did my weigh-in and was down .2, again! Then I did an hour on Walk It Out walking 3.8 miles. I showered and we walked to the church we go to (next door).

Here is the best part! Since I work on Sunday mornings at a very casual church, I wear either jeans or khakis. Instead of wearing a dress this morning because of the snow and ice, I figured I would wear dress pants. I put on my pants and they felt a little big. I asked Hubby, "Do these pants look big on me?" He said, "Um, no, it looks more like you're swimming in them!" I decided I would look for my black skirt. Well, instead I found some black pants that I couldn't wear when I bought them in 2004. They fit me perfect! They are size 15/16 short from Maurice's, I think which is for juniors. I guess I thought I was in my 20s when I was 32. ANYyippee, they fit, and nicely! Another NSV! A really pretty shimmery green blouse I had bought to wear when I got my head shaved that wouldn't button when I got there and still had the tags on it fit be beautifully this morning as well! I had to rip the tags off of it! WHAT! I KNOW, right?

When we got home, we snuggled for a little bit, and Yankee and I decided between snow storms to go to Kohls to spend our Kohls cash while we had a the coupon. I ended up getting a new tie for the little boys, a sweater for me that goes with the camel colored pants I bought at the same time as the black ones in 2004, and bottle for olive oil and one for vinegar. Then I came home and decided to start working on my MIL's Hanukkah present since Hanukkah ended last week. I am embroidering some flower sack towels with roosters and hens that also have the days of the week.

Big day and lots of fun! Have a good week everyone! I think that school will be canceled tomorrow.

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  1. Oh good, I'm glad you're using those patterns. They are so cute! Make some for your own kitchen as well!

    I forgot to tell you that my mom also gave me a napkin holder shaped like a chicken. For some reason she thought we didn't have a napkin holder. Sweetie's all excited cuz one of the "feet" is off our original napkin holder. Um, the chicken is yours. Why do people think I like chickens???? (well, I do like to EAT chickens)