Saturday, December 11, 2010

Shopping Therapy

I normally wouldn't recommend shopping therapy since I am BROKE, but for Hanukkah, Hubby's parent's got the boys gift cards from Kohls and gave us money. Hubby was all high and mighty saying he was putting HIS money towards rent. I said, "Well, I am putting mine towards dog food, cat food, a hair cut and maybe some long johns." So he decided that if we split the cost of the dog food and cat food, we would both be able to take advantage of the sales at Kohl's as well as get a little groomed. My sister-in-law is a stylist and she threw in an eyebrow wax for free! WOOT! I no longer look like a shaggy Muppet!

Okay, so the before MY 20% off coupon at Kohls, the boys had spent their gift cards to their limits. Yankee got snow bibs, an OSU sweatshirt, t-shirt and stocking cap. Dimples got socks, underwear, pajamas, a flannel shirt, jeans, and an Iron Man Toy. Mellow Yellow (formerly Brown Eyes) got a shirt and tie (to wear to church), dress pants, socks, shoes, and a toy. I got leg warmers, wool socks and long johns. Hubby got a dress shirt (to wear with one of his ties) and socks. We ended up walking out of there with four GIANT bags of stuff, and didn't even need to dip into our own money budgeted for rent. Everybody was really pleased with their purchases. The boys all felt like they got stuff they needed plus one want in there. Yankee doesn't realize that all of his wants (OSU stuff) doubled as needs, but that's okay, he'll be alright.

I didn't do so well on eating yesterday, though. being out and about all day made it difficult to eat the way I'm supposed to. I was however, down .2. Now that could be all hair weight. I did get it cut, and my eyebrows ripped out!

NSV! I was able to complete the skate board exercise on the Wii Fit! That was the first time EVER!


  1. sounds like your day finished out a lot better than it started. I'm glad! I'm grateful that your inlaws were able to be so generous and that even the boys were appreciative, especially Yankee who thinks he's getting a treat when he gets to pick out something useful.

  2. New things always brighten us up :)