Tuesday, December 28, 2010

OUCH! and Wii Games I Like

Don't I look graceful? Okay, so I'm holding on to a rope, but I wasn't going to tell you that. I even cropped out the rope so that you couldn't see what I was doing! You can see all the snow on my legs, right? Well that was from when I fell, twice, before I even got on the ice. I had a ways to walk to get to the pond, and when I got close, I got nervous about the shore and bit it. The first time I fell, I went flat on my back and bonked my head on the ground. The next time I fell, I decided to put my arm out to break my fall. I have some tingling and pain in my elbow. I know that the injury was because of a FOOSH and I'm hoping it's not more serious than I think it is. Anyway, we'll see how the next few days go. I'm just glad I didn't start the push-up challenge

I have been doing workouts on the Wii for over a month now, consistently. My go to games are Walk It Out, and Just Dance 2. I have tried Broadway Dance, and it's not my favorite. I have tried Biggest Loser Challenge, again, not my favorite, but I haven't given it too much of a chance. I have Wii Fit Plus. I like the free run, but again, it doesn't (that I can find) keep track of steps or mileage. I also like the skateboarding game, but that hurts my neck because I just can't play to have fun, I have to stress out about it.

The reason why Just Dance 2 is one of my favorites is because it is so much fun! It doesn't require anything except a controller to play. The songs are fun. I guess there is one song that is really inappropriate, but I haven't found it yet. You can also download more dances from the internet for around three dollars a song. We were able to download two songs for free, one of them was a holiday song where Santa goes from old time Santa, to beach Santa, to Rocker Santa, back to old time Santa.

The reason I like Walk It Out is because I can keep track of the steps I take. I cannot stand the trainer's voice. He is annoying. And if you miss a day, he gets really sarcastic. The more you walk, the more items you can buy with the steps you take to build the island. You can unlock songs, constellations, buildings, trees, etc. I use the balance board and find that the best way to play the game. I do find it difficult if I use the nun chuck instead because I rarely wear pants with pockets. I almost always wear pants. After I'm all done with a session, it gives me my stats telling me how many steps I've taken, how many miles I walked, how many calories I burned, etc. It doesn't tell me how much time I walked, so I just have to remember what time I started.

I look forward to Darla's review of Active Trainer 2 by EA sports!


  1. Love that picture of you, Mandy. You look pretty in pink. And here I thought you were a figure skater :-)

    Hey, I need Walk it Out...just what I need...someone that doesn't even exist in real life being sarcastic about my efforts (lol).

  2. You can change the WIO trainer to the girl but her voice is even MORE annoying so I wouldn't recommend it. Plus, she's a bitch.

    And who, pray tell, recommended those two AWESOME games for you? Hmmmm. . .?

    I give up. Does FOOSH stand for something? Is that a Bender word?