Thursday, September 30, 2010

Long Day!

I took a road trip today. Needless to say, I am exhausted. I had parent teacher conferences tonight, so I also had to miss class. I did stop by after class to pick up a study guide. This is only the second time ever I have missed a class.

I am taking a road trip again tomorrow. I am not worried about my eating as I had no problems today, even with being on the road all day.

I will be scarce this weekend. Don't miss me too much!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Biggest Loser Week 2

So I watched the show today online. I really think I like this season more than I have any previous. I also think Jillian is a little nicer and Bob is a little meaner. They are balancing each other out nicely. I am, however, a little unhappy with the fact that Allie was sent home. I felt like of all the people there, she probably needed to be there the most. I am already sick of Tina complaining about how old she is. We all know it's difficult to lose weight as you age, but come ON already!

The visit with the doctor was eye opening as well. Again, I thought that the talk the doctor had with Allie made me think she REALLY needs to be there. If only everything were run the way I think it should be run...nevermind.

Did anyone else happen to notice that Bob and Jillian don't have the contestants counting calories or points? The dynamic duo told them to eat less, move more, eat more green, etc. Hmmm, I kind of think that sounds a little intuitive to me. Someone's gonna be maa-aad!


That's what my oldest has! He went to camp last week and I am pretty sure that's where he got them. The poor kid is miserable. He is in pain from those buggers under his skin. The doctor prescribed some cream for him and he needs to wash it off at 10:00pm. I have also been washing all of the clothing in the house at a high temperature along with drying at a high temp. ugh Hubby also has an interview this evening. I am hoping for a new adventure for him, but I also want him home in time for me to go to class.

I walked a mile today. I don't want to push my foot, but it sure did feel good! I will try for a mile and a half tomorrow and increase a little every day to get back to four miles. Have a great day and I will try to post later, but I will probably be laundering clothes and bedding.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Goals? CHECK!

It has been almost a week since the start of the Hot 100 challenge. I have stuck to my goals pretty well. It has been more difficult since my fall last week, but I am hoping to get back into exercising full swing tomorrow. I have not had any ibuprofen since Sunday night. And even though I was gagging on my vitamins, I have taken them every night since the challenge began.

Polar's Mom suggested that I might be a little anemic. I know for a fact that I am. I also have small RBC. I am on an iron supplement along with my other supplements. I am probably more so since I don't eat meat, but I do get plenty of leafy greens to make up for it along with my supplement.

I am really excited about my grades. I have had 6 tests and five or six projects. 4 out of the six tests were high As were all of the projects. Two of the tests were Bs. So, I am going to have to work a little harder in my Mgmt class to get an A. The thing that is hard about the Mgmt tests is that they are online, and I really blow those. Anyway, I am pleased!

More deliberate exercising tomorrow.

So Far, So Good!

Monday was much better than Sunday! Although, I almost left my cell phone at school. Anyway, I have gotten four of my five tests back. Three of the tests are solid or extremely high As. One, was a solid B (not real happy about that, but I'll be alright).

I was down a little this morning, not as much as I would like, of course, but down nonetheless. My eating has been spot on. I have been really pushing the veggies and avoiding the breads, but I still haven't recovered from last week's visitor from my least favorite aunt.

I think I am almost fully recovered from my fall last week. I am ready to start walking again. I almost ran last night, but then decided I wouldn't push it. The reason I almost ran? It was raining and I was afraid I would melt. :D

I have two projects due today, one about Israel, their culture and customs, and one in Spanish conversation. I supposed I should get to work. Toodles!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Ready for a NEW Week!

Yesterday was horrible! I had to go shopping for a new dress to wear to my class reunion because the other dress I already had wasn't fitting me correctly. It was too big in the bust and the hips, but not in a good way. I went to Target with my BFF, her daughter, and her fake husband and tried on a bunch of different dresses. The dresses were either fit in the hips and too big in the bust, or fit in the bust and were too tight in the hips. So we gave up. I was down, and then we were driving past Burlington Coat Factory and decided to stop.

We were in there way longer than we should have been, but I found a dress. It is a Calvin Klein (I hope he's not related!) charcoal gray dress with an empire waist embellished with a skinny patten leather belt. It is so cute! Anyway, when we left there, BFF drove me back to my car. I was just a little ways down the road when I realized I didn't have my cell phone. I must have left it on the counter in Burlington Coat Factory! So I go back over there before I leave town, and it's not there. A very nice girl in the fitting room called it for me and I still couldn't find it. She told me no one answered so I figured it had been stolen. I drove home. I kept hoping that it fell into my shopping bag or something! But it didn't. I walked in the door when I got home and hubby says, "Lanie's waiting for you at Burlington Coat Factory! You better get back there!" *eyeroll*

I asked to borrow his phone so that I could call her. In my panic, I couldn't remember her number. So I figured I would call my number. Her real hubby answered and offered to drive my phone to me or overnight it or whatever I needed. So, we decided on meeting at our halfway point, since we REALLY don't live in the same town! After that, I needed to lay down because I could feel a migraine coming on!

Then it dawned on me. The Chinese we had for lunch yesterday probably had MSG in it. I was miserable for the rest of the evening. The dog got out and the neighbor brought him over right after I had put on the new dress to show hubby. Here I was, gingerly going down the stairs in my wicked awesome shoes and bad foot/ankle to retrieve my Labrador retriever.

I slept off the headache and now I am home. I have a project due today in my health class, and I haven't touched it. I always have time for Facebook and blogging!

My weight was down a little this morning, not enough to make me happy yet, or to determine that I am totally recovered from last week's mean old visitor. On the way home from the meeting point today, I picked up a new tire for our van. It was so bald and had gone flat, so we figured it was time. I am exhausted, and I haven't even been to school yet! SHOOT! I have a paper to write as well!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday Blues

I am down, but I still have a ways to go before I get down to what I was last Sunday. I am on my way to work at the awesome UU church in Toledo.

I know this is a short one, but I must scat. I have only been taking 1 Benedryl every night (instead of the normal two) and 3 mg of melatonin (instead of the normal 9) every night and still sleeping really well.

Have a great day, and I'll be back!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

'Tis Chilly Out Tonight!

Well, today I had my yin yanged and my yang yinned. I went to a Reiki room here locally to have some negative energy removed so that the positive energy can heal my foot. It seems to be my left foot that took the brunt of the fall the other night, and my entire left leg was hurting. Anyway, not that my chakras are reorganized, I should be on the road to improvement. I do feel a little better. I was told not to do one of my four milers tonight, but wait a day or two.

So tonight, I walked just a quarter of a mile with the pooch. We had big fun then came home. I have had a rough week on the scale, but I totally blame Flo. She's a nasty woman that way! My eating has been much more reasonable today than the majority of the week. I am hoping for a correction tomorrow on the scale!

I am off to take my vitamins and one ibuprofen. I have only had one ibuprofen per DAY and only since I fell down the stairs. I work in the morning, and then will hopefully be able to get some exercise in.

Hi Winds! Or High Winds! Or Hy Winds?

Hubby took the first pic, and I don't think he got this pole when it was at its worst. Notice it is leaning. The concern was that if it fell, it would pull all other poles down like dominoes, and oh, those are live electrical wires. The good news? The poles would all fall towards the houses that I don't live in! Is that selfish?

Oh! That's better!

Oh, is it going to stay that way?

SOMEONE's getting screwed!

How crazy is that?

I want his job! I think is title is "Screwer"

That was my excitement yesterday, that, and my hurt toe. The most exercise I got was going up and down the street taking pictures of all of the excitement in my little town. It makes me kind of miss working for the paper. KIND OF. Not enough to go back.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Race Against The Clock, Again?

I cannot wait to post the pictures I took today! I will have to, though. So tomorrow, I will be posting pictures of the excitement on our block today. Just know, it was exciting!

I did manage to get out and move a little today, but it was difficult, to say the least. I managed through my whole day without any ibuprofen. I don't understand that as I hurt! I am thinking of going to the Reiki room this weekend if I have time. Hubby will be working often this weekend, so a chance for me to have some time to myself seems improbable.

Not much power left on my pute now. I will update more tomorrow. Be safe on your stairs, as I will be from now on!


So, I do my usual get up to go to the bathroom. Someone left wet towels on the landing half-way down the stairs. I decided, "I will pick these up so that no one trips on them." Then I thought, "I wonder if these towels have taken the finish off of the stairs. I mean, they seem really shiny and beautiful still. They feel okay under my WOUCh-oooooooooooh-THUD!" I am not quite sure how it happened, but I ended up going down the bottom two stairs on the tops of my feet. Both of my big toes were throbbing. Hubby came running down the stairs to find me in a heap. The dog was barking not quite sure what was happening. I was in a lot of pain.

There seems to be no sprains or breaks, just some bruising of my feet, knees and ego (all of them). When hubby asked me if I wanted any ibuprofen, I had him bring me ONE! I remembered to take my meds this morning. I will try to exercise, but my ankles, feet, toes really hurt. I'm not going to give up, though!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Before The Battery Dies

I am quick posting before I lose the juice.

I had a really hard time tonight. See, Flo is here, and she's really needy. She really likes treats that make me feel crappy. So, I went into the bookstore after class tonight to shut her up. I wandered around and decided on getting corn nuts. I looked at the ingredients, and guess what! MSG. So I said, I am NOT doing that! I wandered around for another ten minutes and then ended up getting a bag of pretzels (only ate one serving from the bag) and a V8. Not the yummy fruit kind either.

I don't think I'll be doing anything with Neighbor as she is out. I have been remembering to take my vitamins at night, but forgetting to take the other meds in the morning! I guess I have one more goal to add! Take the thyroid meds so that I don't pass out!

Peace outcha'll!

Hot 100 Challenge Starts Today!

I am so PUMPED! I am going to make this year count like no other! Thanks South Beach Steve for posting this challenge! Thanks, Tish and Karen for turning me on to this!

Here are my three goals:

1. I will remember to take my supplements every single night. Being a vegan, it is very important that I do this as I cannot get B vitamins from anything but animal products.

2. When I feel I need ibuprofen, I will take 1 instead of 2.

3. I will purposefully exercise every day. Even if it is walking the halls of the school on my break, I need to do it on purpose.

I have been doing number one for two days now. The burping is nasty, but I'll be alright. I have not taken any ibuprofen as my womanly cramps have not been as severe this month. I have exercised purposefully for the last two days as well. I can SO do this!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


That's all I can say! I watched last night's premier of the Biggest Loser today, and WOW! That show is really inspirational. I remember when we started watching in in 2007, my oldest started exercising every day, a habit he has kept up. I remember when I first watched it, I was the same weight as one of the contestants. That made me really think. Now that I am in the 160s, I am more encouraged to continue my weight loss journey before someone catches up to me! EEK!

I watched these people run a mile. Could I do that? Prolly not. Would I have faked an asthma attack? Youbetcha! Just like I did in grade school. I ehat running (ehat is code for hate). But, Neighbor and I have decided to give it a try. Maybe that will be part of my 100 day challenge. Or maybe not. Have I mentioned that I don't enjoy running?

Anyway, I have to get to class, but I just wanted to check in and say, WOW! This is big! The next 100 days are going to count!

I Tried Something New Today

I might sound disgusting, but I found it to be delicious and satisfying. I made corn meal mush with collard greens. It really hit the spot. I also remembered to take my nasty vitamins last night. I really hate the way they taste and that's why I avoid them so much. It's not just the way they taste, but the burps afterward as well. EW!

So yesterday got to 93. Today should be 78. Tomorrow, NINETY (90). Neighbor and I are going to the gym tonight and riding our bikes tomorrow night. Tomorrow starts the 100 day challenge! I am up for it!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It Got Better

My day did indeed improve. The test was way easier than I expected, I finished the project in plenty of time, I laughed a lot in la clase de espanol.

When I came home tonight from class, Neighbor was ready for a walk. We went for a short walk. HA! I love that I call a 2.961 mile walk SHORT! One thing I noticed since my boobs have shrunk is my stomach is not as flat as I always thought it was! I have some work to do!

I am going to join the Hot 100 Challenge. On September 23, there are 100 days until the end of the year and I am going to make them count! I will be use these days to be purposeful!

I need to have three goals:

1. I will remember to take my supplements every single night. Being a vegan, it is very important that I do this as I cannot get B vitamins from anything but animal products.

2. When I feel I need ibuprofen, I will take 1 instead of 2.

3. I will purposefully exercise every day. Even if it is walking the halls of the school on my break, I need to do it on purpose.

No more slacking! These last 100 days of the year are going to count!

I Woke Up Crabby...

... but now he's at work. Unfortunately, crabbiness is contagious. So, the weather has been in the 60s an 70s for a couple of weeks now. Today, NINETY (90)! INSANE! Tomorrow? 63.

I really need to apply myself for this test today. No more winging it. Did I mention that it is supposed to be 90 today? I just can't get over that!

Test, today, is on Family School and Community. AND I have a book file due. I am so glad I looked at the syllabus. UGH. So, I will be spending my morning in the library, my afternoon taking a test, rushing back to get the kids, dropping them off again to be cared for while I have Spanish in the evening.

I'm living the DREAM!

Monday, September 20, 2010

What a Day!

Tomorrow, I will take the fifth test in 5 days. It has been a little difficult, to say the least. The drama in blog land has been a little wild as well. Oh well, I will keep doing what's working for me. What works for me won't work for everyone, but it works for ME! So, if you don't like it, don't want to do it, whatever. I've lost over 30 lbs, over 20 of them since July when I started blogging (and coincidentally right after I read Geneen Roth's Women Food and God. I will not criticize your diet plan, call you names, or post lies about you if what you do works or doesn't. All I hope is that everyone makes good choices, and if you don't, you learn from the bad ones.

Off of my soap box now... I've been working really hard on walking two miles per day, but today, the legs just hurt. I ended up walking a little over a mile, but couldn't manage more than that. The owner of the gym heard about how those "big strong men" need to take the weights off of the machines. Neighbor went in today and redeemed her free month and let him know how I couldn't do a full workout because of the inconsiderate muscle heads.

I have a full day of classes again tomorrow. I enjoyed my day full of fruits and veggies with a granola bar for breakfast, and a 1/2 c of pasta with lunch.

YAY! Monday!

My BFF and I love Mondays. We get our turf back. We can get back into a routine only to have it thwarted by our families over the weekend.

I have two tests tonight. I have a one hour break between classes, and I have been trying to walk the halls of the school during that break.

Yesterday I was up. My BMI was exactly 28. It wasn't so bad, but I hoped to be down today. I was the same as yesterday, BMI at 28. I liked it better when it said 27.92. I'm not going to dwell on it too much. I did walk a lot over the weekend. I also did some weights on Saturday, and some arm exercises last night. I tried on my reunion dress again and it looks very nice. I noticed that my knees are not as fat as they used to be. I might be inclined to wear shorts again someday! Maybe. We'll see.

I saw the incredible shrinking woman yesterday. It is a bummer because we don't get as much time as I had hoped we would, but I guess it's better than nothing.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Another 4 miles!

I wandered around the mall today, although I didn't walk fast by means. Tonight, neighbor girl and I walked another four miles! It is an amazing feeling. I am exhausted. I will shower, and sleep deep tonight. Hopefully I don't have any dreams of moving things out of the garage, and if I do, I hope my bladder intervenes.

My mom has lost 10 lbs. GO MOM! She and I were chatting last night. She told me that she thinks the reason she has lost weight is because she doesn't eat as much. She argued that even though she has been exercising regularly, she actually saves more calories by eating less, than she would expend by eating the same amount and exercising more. To me, it sounds a lot like math! I encourage her to continue to eat less, but to exercise for how awesome it makes her feel. You know that veins rely on the muscles moving to get the blood back to the heart, that's why we feel so good when we move.

I'm pretty sure I'm not making that up, but if I am, I said it with authority, so it must be true.

The Circus Is Coming To Town!

I have always thought of my three precious boys as the three ring circus. Every time I take them somewhere, it feels like I am taking the circus to town. It's official, #2 has an act!

He rode that barrel all over the yard. Next, he will be flying through the air with the greatest of ease! I think we might paint the barrel blue and red with yellow stars all over it.

I was up a little this morning. I know it has to do with eating because the food was there and not because I was hungry. I will have to work it off today, and be back down tomorrow. I was very tempted today to get some pizza pretzels, but the scary drunk guy was trying to get free samples, so I was able to resist.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

4 Miler!

So I walked my 1 mile earlier today, but neighbor and I haven't walked since Wednesday night. Tonight we decided to try a four mile walk. I had mapped it out before, but on the map, I had gone to the cemetery last. I don't like walking through the cemetery at night, so we went there first. Then we finished our walk early (we thought) because I had to poo. Well to get that picture out of your mind, I thought I would share another picture for you.

While I was at mother-in-law's today, I took some pictures of some pretties. This first picture totally happened by luck, but I'll say instead, that I am a stellar photographer.

We shall call this: Butterfly's Morning Glory

This one shall be called:
The Egg-Plant

Speaking of Poo!

Have a good night!

Good Day!

I walked to the gym this morning, used a few of the machines, but couldn't do much more because some of the big strong men left the big weights on some of the other machines. I thought I could lift them off, but I was wrong. So I did some light weights, some band exercises and walked the long way home. When I got home, hubby had cut up tomatoes and avocados, so I had a tomato and avocado sandwich, along with some spinach artichoke hummus. I LOVE ME SOME HUMMUS!

I didn't overdo it at the gym because neighbor girl and I are walking 4 miles this afternoon/early evening. We're hoping it doesn't rain tonight. I'm off to see my favorite mother-in-law and then who knows what the plan will be. Of course, good choices will be a part of whatever we do!


I am down 1.1 today! I didn't do any deliberate exercise yesterday, but I walked to Subway to meet a friend, walked home. I walked to the post office, to the bank, and then to the school to get the kiddos. I walked home from school, and that was it for walking and any exercise. I think all of my walking was about two miles, but still, my goal is 25 miles a week, and I didn't even come close.

I do have a sad piece of news. I think my boobs are shrinking. My brassieres seem to have much more loose fabric than ever before. Of course this would happen right after I bought one of those super duper running bras! ERG!

Today, we are helping brother-in-law move. I think we have some pears to make something delicious and preserve this weekend as well.

Friday, September 17, 2010

I'm a Happy Girl!

For the week, I am down 2.2! How exciting is that?!?!? I am lower than I've been since before I got pregnant with #3!

Okay, so I think part of the weight loss is that I have to get up in the middle of the night, every night, maneuver my way down the stairs to use the bathroom. So last night, I shot out of bed. Hubby said, "What's the matter?" I said, "I need to move my bike to the right and then to the right again." As I clomped down the stairs, I decided to stop in the bathroom before making my way out to the garage. I peed, and as I was washing my hands, I thought, "WHAT? I'm not going to the garage!" So I stomped back up the stairs, said, "I don't know what the heck I was dreaming about! G'night!" and went back to sleep. So what do I do when I don't wake up enough to realize it was a dream telling me to move my bike to the right and the right again?

Am I the reason the laundry is folded in the morning? Or the dishes are done? Or better yet, am I the one messing up my kids' rooms? Maybe they really aren't the ones leaving their dirty towels on the floor. Maybe I should look into this at 1:00am!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I Won! I'm a WEENER!

This is so exciting! I love being a winner!

The Rules for Eligibility are:

1. Answer the question, "If you had one chance to go back and change one thing in your life, would you and what would it be?

2. Pass on to six people and inform them of the award.

I guess if I had one thing to change in my past, it would be to make choices based on my own values, and not just because I was in control of my life, so I would do whatever the heck I pleased. I am pretty sure, though, if I had made different choices, I would not have what I have today. So, no regrets, but I hope I can help my children to make good choices and not try to control them.

Beautiful blogs with that little bit extra nominees are:

(the envelope please)

Lanie - Healthy Schmealthy -Because I love everything about you!
Ann - Smaller Fun Pants - Because every time I see a van, I think of you!
Healthy Loser Gal (I want to call you Erin or Kelly) Because you lost 100 lbs! ROCK ON!
Stephen - Who Ate My Blog - Because I'm old enough to be your mother, and I know you can do it!
Just Me - Have You Gained Weight? - Because you're trying to find your groove!
Anne - Carb Tripper The pictures of you brushing your teeth crack me up! You are a trip!

There you go! Enjoy!


That is not hail, it's is just the flash reflecting off of the GIANT raindrops! I guess today would be a good day to go to the gym, if I didn't have to spend the afternoon taking a test, and then going to school to take another! The gym is open 24 hrs. a day, so I theoretically could go tonight! We'll see!

Slow But Sure

I am a little sore from yesterday's workout at gym. I did some light weights, some stretch bands, and I swung a giant rope around my head! It was a lot of fun. I walked to and from the gym, did a round trip to the school, and then walked over three miles with the girls last night. I made some really good choices, i.e. when I stopped to get a beverage, I chose a super-sized water.

I was down .4 today. That is a pretty big deal to me! Tomorrow is the official weigh in for the week, but if I'm up, I'm going with today's weight :D. No point in bumming myself out!

I had a lot of fun in the short amount of time I got to spend with BFF yesterday. We did a lot of giggling, caught up on our soaps (with the help of the lady at the antique store), got the running shop guy to take our picture, and she gave me a bunch of stuff she won on Allan's blog that I am to take very good care of and pass to her when I get too small for the stuff. The loot!

I have three tests to take in the next two days, so I am going to get my arse in gear! Have a good one everybody!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I'm On a Roll!

Down .7 today! That is a huge deal to me! I am making good choices. When I want something sweet, I reach for fruit. I have been eating veggies for snacks instead of crackers or chips. Obviously my good choices are doing me well.

I have a meeting with the gym at 10:30 this morning. I am pretty excited about it. I talked to the guy last night to set up the appointment. He is a really nice guy. Anyway, I'm PUMPED!

My hubby started taking fish oil supplements on Friday night. I had told him that Lanie swears by them. He told me last night that his joints feel awesome. He even things he might be able to work out and slam dunk the ball again. The man is 6'3" 180 lbs. He is in excellent shape, but he gets upset when he can't do things that he was able to do when he was 18. He can still touch the rim, but he hasn't been able to dunk it for over a year (poor baby).

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Can I Get a Woot Woot?!!!?! Holla!

I am down .3 from my awesome weigh in on Friday! I will start walking again tomorrow night with the crazy neighbor girl.

I put on my jeans this morning and they are comfy, the way jeans are supposed to be. This is so exciting! I will be stopping by the gym today to find out the details of winning the 1 month membership.

I have class today and tonight. I am planning on spending just a little time with my aunt and mom today, then they leave in the morning. :( I am still thankful for the time I have had with them this week. Off to clean now!

Monday, September 13, 2010

I Think I'm Ready To Stop Procrastinating!

But maybe I'll think more about it tomorrow!

I had a rough day as I have been procrastinating too much. I had to rush to school to get a paper done because I didn't prepare. I have another paper due tomorrow, but I accidentally did it last week, so I'm good there.

Mondays are so hard for me to stay on plan, but I succeeded. I took hummus with me to school and then at my evening break time, I got a bowl of fruit. I tried to take the stairs and walk between classes. It worked out pretty well.

Hubby took the boys to the fair while I was at school and they all had a good time. My oldest son won a gym membership for a month, and he is too young to use it. Hubby said it was all mine if I want it. I think I will go down and talk to the dude, see what it is all about. How nice would that be for a month!?!!???

Crazy Weekend!

Well, I saw my aunt on Saturday night, and I cried. I was so happy to see her, and my uncle. We moved some furniture, giggle, and then went out to eat. I had already had fish earlier in the day. To quote Allan, "It was screaming to get back to the ocean." So I wasn't going to eat anything, but I was hungry. So I ordered a water and waited. Then I was still hungry. I decided on a small order of breadsticks. I ended up eating 1/2 of the order and was up on the scale yesterday. I was not surprised as I also had at least 4 sodas throughout the day. If you ask me, those were not good choices.

Yesterday, I stayed on plan for eating. We went out for Mexican, and I ordered a vegetable soft taco. No meat, no cheese, no nothing. It was delicious, and very filling, so I only ate half. I have not exercised since Friday, unless you count moving, but I don't. I was down a little today, but not enough to make up for the gain of the last two days.

I will do better today. I have a lot of homework to get done before class tonight, so I will need to focus on that. I will also have to focus on eating what I am really hungry for, what my body really wants, and not my taste buds.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Non Scale Victory!

So, I'm cleaning, and sorting. I started going through my winter clothes instead of just putting them away. I tried some on, and they were HUGE on me! VERY EXCITING!

BUT! My class reunion is in three weeks. I had no idea what I was going to wear. This is not a cookout. This is close to a cocktail party time affair. Again, what do I wear? I have this cute little black dress with a boat neck that I love, but I the last time I tried to put it on, it hurt, really bad. So I tried it on this morning, and it fit! It fit well! It my be a little too loose on me in three weeks! Can I get a "WOOT WOOT!?"



Okay, I am little excited! I get to see my favorite aunt! I have not seen her for almost three years and I can hardly wait. The main reason I CAN wait is because my house is a mess and I want it looking beautimous when she sees it for the first time.

Things I am NOT looking forward to:

1. The tears: When I see her big brown eyes turning into fountains, my baby blues do the exact same thing.

2. That's all I got!

Things I am looking forward to:

1. Giggles

2. Some loving on Mandy

3. Kiddos seeing their great aunt

4. Did I mention giggles?

So, my day will be spent getting ready for the giggle games to begin!

Friday, September 10, 2010

It Was SUPPOSED To Be A Good Day!

I did my little bike ride thingy this morning. I was waiting for a check to come in the mail today, and it didn't. I had to light the pilot on a water heater. I learned that a pilot with light much easier when you have the gas valve turned to "ON." Once I did that, WHOOSH! I did check and I do have eyebrows (along with all the other facial hair that I would LOVE to get rid of!).

I did have a NSV today! I did not require help from the dude at the hardware store to carry my three five-gallon jugs of water to the car. I took all three trips, I didn't pull anything, and I feel stronger for it!

I also saw this girl, who had a MAJOR crush on my husband when she was in 6th grade and he was in high school, who is also aDORable say, "Mandy! You have lost weight! Look at you!" So I did a little pose, stuck my butt out and said, "I know you want me!"

I also saw a bunch of other people when I was riding my bike who said things like, "Nice bike!" "I like your basket!" "Aren't you just the cutest!" Well, "Yes, Thank you, and YES!"

So I really can't remember much that was TOO bad about today, so I will call it a Good Day! I ended up riding 4.59 miles today! I still have to walk with the crazy neighbor lady tonight. I'm kind of tired, so I wouldn't mind a break, but she'll probably drag me out of the house, so I'll go. FINE! I SAID I WILL GO!

Today's Gonna Be a GOOD Day!

I decided to let the kids ride their bikes to school. So that meant that I had to ride with them. Well, after I rode my bike to school, dropped the kids off, I went to the "store" to get a soda and some water. Then I rode to visit a friend, rode to the post office and then home again. The whole trip was 2.101 miles. I am pretty excited about that. The only energy I used was caloric.

I walked with the wonderful neighbor that I should NOT have called psycho as she is sweet and kind and not psycho at all! We went 2.825 miles last night. We were going to try for four, but that would include going through the cemetery at night, and I'm a big chicken. Besides, who knows what psycho would do in the cemetery!

I was down .9 today. Even with being up .4 yesterday, that makes my weekly total -1.2 for the week. I can totally live with that! I have to remember to ride my bike to pick up the kids, but I am going to try for a no car (NOT to be confused with a no carB)day. We'll see how that works!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Low Carb?

I am all for losing weight with what works. I am one that believes that deprivation is the cause of most eating plan failures. BUT some would argue that my vegan eating plan is also deprivation. I was interested when I went to visit Anne what someone like myself would eat on a low carb diet (not that I plan on going low carb, ever). But seriously, without all of the animal products, what is left for a vegan such as myself to eat if I were low carb?

Again, my vegan lifestyle is not political. I am allergic to eggs, milk, honey, turkey and feel sick when I eat meat (except fish). When I looked at Anne's breakfast, I wondered what I would eat. Now, when low carb people look at my food, do they say, "Well, I can't eat any of that!" I had hummus for breakfast, and a granola bar for lunch. I am going to take some more hummus with me to school for dinner, just because it sounds so yummy! I might take a few tomatoes with me, too.

I really am interested in feedback about the low carb thing. I was on adkins in 1997, lost 20 lbs, then gained it all back shortly after. I thought about trying the Zone in 1998, but then got pregnant and wanted all sugar and wheat. In 2000, I went on WW. In 2001, I got pregnant. In 2002 I went on WW and was at 149. I got pregnant. In 2003, my son was born with some special needs that caused me to go up and down in weight. I went completely vegan in December of 2009. I kept "cheating" which would make me sick over and over. A couple of months ago, I decided to get my act together. No more cheating. Ever.

Now I am my lowest that I have been since before I got pregnant with #3. I feel really good. I was up .4 on the scale today, but I am confident it will be gone tomorrow. It is strange because i remember being this weight and thinking I looked hot. Then I remember losing 5 more pounds and thinking, SWEET! My goal was 149 because that was the highest I could be and still be healthy weight. Well, my goal now is to be healthy. I want to lose, but at the same time, I want to feel good, have endurance when I walk up stairs, I want to sleep better, get my thyroid under control. The list goes on, but the number cannot be the be all to end all.

The Day I Shaved...

Again, this month is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Cancer sucks. I hate it. Every time I hear of someone else getting cancer I get very angry. What can I do? I don't know that I can do anything except shave my head.

The time is coming very soon for us to start planning next year's head shaving event. To get into the spirit of it all, I decided to watch the news video again, especially since the Pudget lady was on her local news the other night (congrats!).

Maybe by next year's event, I will have lost 20 more lbs! I don't like to put the numbers on myself, though. My original goal was to make good choices on a daily basis, and with that, I would reach a healthy weight when my body was ready to stop holding on to the fat. I have gone down pants sizes. I have gone down in weight. It's just that this weight is were I usually hit a bump/mountain, or get pregnant.

I have Spanish class tonight and have to redo the papers that I did on Tuesday because I used the wrong form. Anyway, I am looking forward to March 14, 2011 when I will shave my head again! Hopefully, I will have shaved off some pounds as well!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I LOVE School!

If school depended on class participation, I would have A++++! I love participating in class. Last night, in Spanish class, we learned about the Dominica Republic and how the government runs the electric utilities. The citizens of the country are not guaranteed electricity 100% of the time. That would be an example of why free market would be beneficial, which is what I learned tonight in Business Management class! I was like, "Oh yeah, I know it!"

My weight was exactly the same today. I am happy as long as it doesn't go up. My daily calories have been low, but my exercise has been high. I am walking again tonight with my neighbor as the psycho just texted me and told me that she's ready whenever I am. UGH!

Another Award!

Thank you Lanie Panie! You ROCK!

10 things I like:

1. Musicals-I love to sing (even though it bothers everyone around me). I love to make my real life a musical.

2. Reading-I'm a book whore. I will do most anything for a book. I read everything from children's books to non-fiction to fiction excluding psychological thrillers. My psyche cannot handle those.

3. Hanging with my friends-especially my BFF. I think it is rare that we don't end up with a case of the giggles after being together.

4. Positive Attention-I love to be the life of the party. "I'm here, look at me, love me" -Luigi, Cars

5. Pixar movies- There isn't a one I don't like! My favorite would have to be Cars, Nemo second, and Toy Story 2 third. I might have to switch Nemo with The Incredibles.

6. Hanging with the family at the in-laws-this year, I have spent more time outside with my family than I had in years past. I am usually one that does not like to be outside. I prefer to enjoy nature through a window, with a screen, maybe some air conditioning. This year, however, I swam in a pond, something I had not done for over 13 years. The in-laws have an awesome property. We have so much fun when we are out there.

7. Cooking/Baking/Sewing/Quilting/Crafts/Decorating-I did more before I was in school, but I still enjoy it.

8. Shopping-I love to shop. I love finding a deal!

9. Walking-I have really enjoyed walking with my neighbors and my pooch. I was never one to burn calories on purpose, but now I have been enjoying the effects of it.

10. My Kiddos-I couldn't ask for kids that are more fun than these three. They have their issues, but to me, they are still the most fun boys in the world!

I have to find 10 Blogs! EEK! I'm not even looking to see if you have these already, so THERE!

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Again, I don't care if you already have this award. I did my best at first, then I gave up at the end. I think you are all awesome, so ROCK ON!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

You love me! You really love me! I love you, too! It is going to be difficult to find seven bloggers that don't have this award, but I will do my best.

I am also supposed to tell you seven things about myself that you wouldn't already know.

1. I call myself OCADD. I become really obsessive about something, but then get distracted easily.

2. I had once started training to be in a Golden Glove tournament, but then broke my tail bone so I couldn't continue with the training. At that time I was running 5 miles a day, biking 10 miles a day, and lifting weights on a regular basis. I was 128 lbs.

3. I love eggs, milk, meat, honey, and shrimp. I am only a vegan for heath reasons and not political.

4. I do not celebrate x-mas. I am not a Jehovah's Witness. I celebrate Hanukkah, but I am not Jewish.

5. When I was in high school, I made a set of dishes, place setting for 12, because I was going to have 8 kids, and I figured I they would have two friends a night over.

6. I really have a thing for Asian guys. Vern Yip really turns me on! My husband is the anti-Asian being 6'3" with red hair.

7. EVERYTHING I say comes back to bite me in the butt. I used to say that neurological conditions were disciplinary problems. I used to say that if it hurt when you nursed your baby, you were doing it wrong. I also used to say that people using anti-depressants were not depending on God enough. I take it ALL back!

Here are the winners- and I am very surprised that none of you have this award already. Maybe I just didn't see it, but I don't care! I have seven and I'm done!

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Another Day, Another -.2!

I am loving this pace! I know I'm bound to hit a plateau sooner or later, but I'll take it while I can. I had big plans of exercising this morning, but they were thwarted by that pesky school thing I am doing! I have a paper due in an hour and fifteen minutes. I finished it a few minutes ago. I would not let myself blog or have a soda until I finished. Now I am blogging and really jonesin' for a soda!

I have big plans to move during my breaks at school today. I will take the stairs to and from class, and have no choice but to park far from the building.

Things are nice and quiet today with everyone being at school and at work. I will enjoy it more tomorrow when I don't have to be anywhere until evening! Have a good one, and when I think of something brilliant, I'll post again! See you in 2 minutes!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Successful Day

I am really fortunate to have such a supportive extended family. It would have been impossible to survive events like today if I didn't. I am the only true vegan in the clan, and yet my mother-in-law goes out of her way to make a cake that I can have. My sister-in-law knows that my kids cannot have artificial anything, so she makes a fun punch that is all natural using seltzer water with 100% juice punch. My father-in-law is a pescatarian, so I try to help him out on holidays and bring plenty of food that he can partake in as well.

Many people do not have it as "easy" as I do. Many people are faced with saboteurs, people who are discouraging, and negative. Not only do I have encouragement and positive energy all around me in real life, but I also have all of you who are so kind as well. I know that everyone is instrumental in my journey and I thank you!

I only ate until I was satisfied today, which was mighty difficult with the artichoke spinach humus staring at me all afternoon. We had pumpkin cake, rice dream ice cream, so-delicious Neapolitan ice "cream," three bean salad, grapes, chips, humus, black bean and corn salsa, and punch. My sister-in-law and I always go for a walk during a party and today was no different. We only went .6 miles, but that was enough for her.

After everyone left, I started working on homework. Really, I can't believe that I this is the first of the homework I have had as I am finishing my second week of school, but it is. My brain was very tired from a poor night's sleep. I ended up taking the birthday boy on a bike ride. The kid made me a nervous wreck! He should NOT be riding his bike with no hands, or riding on the pegs on the back of the bike. He and I went 2.6 miles on the bike.

Then my neighbor got home from her camping trip and wanted to walk again. I am so happy with the way the weight is coming off that I figured I would ride the wave and go for it. We ended up going 2.18, which isn't so bad for a "quick" walk. So, all in all, I traveled almost five and a half miles without using a vehicle. I know that right now, the weight is coming off fast, and it won't be this way during the whole journey. OOH! I forgot! I am no longer able to keep size 16 pants up. I am officially a size 14! I have not been a size 14 since 2002 for a brief time before I got pregnant with #3. Before that, was in 1997 when I was first married. WOOT WOOT!

What a Night!

At 2:45 a.m. I had a call on my cell phone from a RESTRICTED number. I didn't answer it, but had a difficult time getting back to sleep. Was it the crazy stalker? Was it a wrong number? Then my dear sweet baby of seven years old had a cough after the call that would not quit. Hubby got up and found the nebulizer, gave him a breathing treatment and then he slept. I, however, did not fall asleep until around 5 a.m. Now I am exhausted. I have to make a birthday cake for my middle child, and finish cleaning for the party. *****UPDATE****** I have THE best mother-in-law in the WORLD! She is making a vegan pumpkin cake for the party! I can hardly wait!

I was down .2 this morning. I'm happy with that as I know I'm building muscle and it is good that it is coming off slowly.

Since Grammy is making the cake, I am off to clean! What a huge stress relief!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

I'm Back!

I am back in sorts! All it took was a 3.381 mile walk. I do not understand why I avoid the endorphins so much! I mean, I feel GREAT after walking or moving in general, but I avoid it until someone kicks me in the arse and makes me go!

We went grocery shopping tonight and used some of our free coupons for some great deals. With coupons, we took our grocery bill from $150 to $91. That's pretty rocking if you ask me! We even got supplies for tomorrow's birthday party! I have to remember to get up early and make a vegan cake.

Off to dreamland! I ended up not taking pooch because I forgot what my plan was. OOPS!

Out of Sorts...

...kind of. It is so gorgeous outside that all I want to do is be outside. Today, I went to work and stopped at the plaza to potty. I decided I needed a treat. Instead of getting Cinnabons (which I love but make me pretty sick) I got a bag of California style trail mix. It was delicious and satisfying.

When I got home from work, I had to turn around and go pick up my middle child. I stayed and visited for a bit, had some decaf tea, and then came home, again. I am really sleepy. I feel like I should go out and enjoy the day, but I am really TIRED!

I'm thinking of taking a walk with the pooch and taking some nature pictures. It's hard to do both with him, but I think he will enjoy it. I just can't seem to get into any kind of groove!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Another Gorgeous Day!

It has been just beautiful today! I hung out with the pooch outside for a while as the weather was perfect, it was sunny, no bugs, but a little on the breezy side.
I went for two walks that totaled two miles together. They were not my normal walks where I am walking on a sidewalk or road. These were in the woods, where there were holes and poison ivy. I am not doing so well on drinking my water, but my eating has been right on track. It really helps when we take food with us that everyone likes. It makes it easier to make good choices.
Here is some Brutus Eye Candy for you!

Up and Down

I was up .6 yesterday. I was a little bummed, but I knew it was prolly water. I didn't let it upset me, though, and I just kept keeping on. I walked my two miles yesterday, but it was in increments. I was not tempted by pizza last night at work, however, I did have 7 french fries that wouldn't fit on to someone's plate. I knew they would throw them away, not that it would be so bad, but it was only seven. So after that, I felt like crap. I drank a ton of water and felt better after that.

Today I was down .8, which means I am really down .2. I am totally fine with that. Sure and steady wins the race, right? Wait, this isn't a race, but I like winning.

It is downright chilly out today. I am not working tonight at the restaurant because it is a holiday weekend, and we have been dead because of the local fairs, going on. So, I get the night off. Because of the low temps, I think I will walk my two miles during the day. I might even go to the in-laws and walk in the woods with the pooches! FALL is my favorite time of year! WOOT!

Friday, September 3, 2010


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Since I can remember, I was inundated with negativity. My father is the most negative person in the world. But he would say, "I probably wouldn't win that award because it's probably some popularity contest, and even if I did win, the prize is probably worthless, or would be the wrong size, or I had one already."

From an early age, I tended to have a Pollyanna attitude towards life. Pollyanna became my inner voice. As an adult, I am often shocked by negative people. I don't know why their negativity shocks me as much as it does, but I am always surprised.

My inner voice is really what keeps me going among the most depressing and negative times in my life, especially things I cannot control. I am often saying to my kids, "You cannot control other people, but you can control how you respond." When situations happen that are beyond my control (hubby losing his job, kids having neuro issues, cats peeing on my clothes, etc.) I remember that I can only control how I respond to those things. When I am faced with free pizza at work, I need to remember that it WILL make me sick.

Now, when I am faced with mean, nasty, lonely old men who like to stalk me and call me mean names, I laugh it off. My inner voice says, "We sheesh! At least you don't look like HIM! Really, you are making good choices every day. No one is forcing you to walk, you are choosing to. That old man is very unhealthy. You are making strides towards never being like him. You go girl! You ROCK! He is mean because he's jealous of you. I mean, you are totally awesome. He doesn't like you? Well it's because you won't share your awesome self with him!" I am SOOOO in love with my inner voice! She rocks!

I guess I always figured if I was going to imagine that people were saying bad things about me, or to me, that I would have fun with it! My BFF has been overweight since we met. Her attitude was, "It's not a secret, nobody has to whisper about it!" When I had a mean neighbor calling me fat all the time, I would say, "DUH! My jeans are a size 18, I don't need you telling me that!" Thanks Lanie!

So, I guess you could say that I look at negativity from others as a problem with them, not with me. So THERE!

Gorgeous Day!

Today is a dream day! The air is crisp, the sky is blue, and I could see myself cuddling up in the covers with a good book. I could also see myself walking with Mr. Pooch, but I'll save that for a little later.

Today, I will tackle the mountain of laundry. We broke down and bought a microwave a couple of weeks ago, which makes it so much easier to eat my microwave veggies. I know what I'm having for lunch!

I am working at the restaurant tonight, which is yet another reason to be excited by the cooler weather! Maybe I won't sweat quite as bad as normal.

Well, toodles! I'll be back!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

4 Miles!

I ended up walking four miles, but secretly hoping that I wouldn't have to walk any. I took the stairs at school, which is really hard for me! I also got a bagel for dinner instead of fried veggies which worked out fine.

I was talking with my neighbor when we were walking and she said, "I heard it takes 30 days to form a habit and only 3 to break it." I thought about that for a minute and said, "Well really, isn't it saying that it takes 30 days to implement a good habit, and 3 days to implement a bad one."

I am really thinking on that theory though. Isn't every habit we have a choice? So I am making the choice to not let bad habits replace good ones. It makes perfect sense as I ponder this thought. I think back to the times I have gone off of my eating plan (vegan). It seems it takes one bad choice one day to throw me off for days. Well, NO MORE! I'm on it!


I just checked the nutritional information on my favorite burrito from Taco Bell (that I thought had no cheese or eggs in it). It has BOTH milk and eggs! No wonder my throat gets all closed up when I have this. I thought it was because of the recent cold I had. I was probably making it worse by eating these items with my allergies.

I am having a rough day with moving. My legs are very tired, not sore, but tired. I think that my whole body might be tired, but I really want to stick to my challenge of moving more, and the challenge of appreciating my health. So, when my neighbor wants to walk tonight, I will more than likely say, "Youbetcha!"

I am so mad at Taco Bell!

Excellent Choices!

I had plenty of opportunities yesterday to make bad choices, but my choices were stellar! Hubby brought home yeast donuts from the store, I had NONE! At school last night, they were out of pretzels, so I got a bag of raw veggies and a bagel. As tired as I was last night, my neighbor wanted to walk, so I pushed her, she pushed me, and we walked 3 miles!

So, today I am down .9! That puts my BMI just over 28. I ended up walking over 6 miles yesterday. If the rain lets up, I plan to walk 3 miles tonight. I will not be walking the kids to school this morning, because I promised them I wouldn't make them walk in the rain. I'm pumped about my weight loss, and I am looking forward to building on that today.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September Challenge!

I'm doing it! Healthy Loser Gal is having a September Challenge. Since I am challenging myself to only make healthy choices, I also decided to move more. My goal is to walk 2 miles a day. With this challenge, I am extending the goal to include the weekend. I find that on the weekends, I do not walk more than 1/2 mile. So here goes. Today, I have walked over 3 miles so far, and I still having walked with the neighbor girls! I am so up for a challenge!

Good Choices For The Month!

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. I received an invitation from a friend to give something up for the month of September in solidarity with children who give up so much because of cancer. Well, in March, I shaved my head, bald, so I am not so eager to be giving much up right now.

Above is me three weeks after the shave. Anyway, I decided that instead of giving something up, maybe I would just stick to what I need to do and that is make good choices. I need to listen to my body. I need to appreciate what I have and not take my health for granted. I am somewhat healthy, and my kids are physically healthy (their mental/neurological health will be saved for a whole different blog). I want that to continue and be better, so now is the time. For the next month, I will be making only good choices for me and my family. For this month, there will be no, "Well, I guess blue lake 4 would be okay this once." We are going to stick to it, dagnabbit!

Today, for lunch, I had my leftover roasted veggies, mixed with some vodka sauce over a small amount of pasta. I only ate this much. I am satisfied. The flavors all mixed together were phenomenal! I made it all from scratch, so I know everything that is in there. The tomatoes were from the garden as was the zucchini, yellow squash, eggplant, onions, and red peppers. The mushrooms were store bought, as were the seasonings. One bite I took had a bit of fennel seed in it. I cannot tell you how awesome this was!

I also walked the kids to school, walked 1.5 miles on the Wii game "Walk It Out," and walked my quarter mile round trip for caffeine, and I am only 1/2 way through the day! I was also down .4 on the scale this morning, so I am just .2 away from my all time low of a couple of weeks ago (post children).

My neighbor stopped me this morning and asked me if we were going to be able to walk tonight. I went sans friends last night, so it will be nice to have a buddy or two. So, keep me honest people! I helps to know that you all are there, telling me like it is.

I Ran! AND, I'm Still Alive!

For some reason, I am afraid of running. I am afraid my knees are going to end up puddling around my ankles, my quads will be up at my waist, even with my boobs. But it didn't happen that way.

Yesterday started with hubby driving the kids to school because I was too tired to walk them. I did my running around before I had classes, ran home to get the kids from school, ran them over to their grandparents', and then back to campus for class. Now this was not actual running yet, it was mostly driving.

Yesterday was Hell hot, and I really wanted to swim. When I took the kids over to their granparents', I also took their suits, along with mine. When I went back to pick them up, I took a quick dip in the pond. It had a lot of floating weeds and muck by the shore, but once I got past that, there was plenty of clear water. I did all kinds of twists and turns and many arm workouts. It felt great!

When I got home, I decided to take the dog for a walk. He was thrilled! I also decided this time, since it was just me and the brute, that I would listen to music. It's really hard not to sing with the headphones on, and I think I accomplished the task. Anyway, we were almost home and the song "Word Up" came on the iPod. I decided to try a jog. It worked. I mean, it was only one tenth of a mile, but I ran. And I lived! AND I feel really good! I might even do it again! Wha????