Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thursday Evening

Today was okay with food. I had mush for breakfast then decided I needed breadsticks for lunch. They were hard *blech*! So I gave them to Hubby; he'll eat anything. For dinner, I just had fries because that is what I wanted. I didn't eat them all, but enough to know that was what I wanted.

For exercise, I only did JD2 and Dance Broadway for a total of 30 min. I had big plans of taking a long walk today, but then my youngest was not feeling well today. That never happens so I told him to stay home. When he woke up, he said, "Can I still go to school?" So he was about an hour and a half late for school, but he went. I had to take him, so I decided not to take the walk afterall. It threw off my day.

Anyway, I did have fruit today. I had a kiwi and a huge pear. I have nothing fantabulous to say, so I will chat at you later.


  1. Mmmmm. . . pears. I could use some good pear right about now. You did well on movement today. Better than me. I don't think that wallowing around and whining about a sore throat sore bottom really burns many calories. Neither does reading or playing facebook games. life is unfair to me that way.

  2. Good days!
    Hope your wekkend is awesome!