Wednesday, December 22, 2010

That Lanie!

She forgot to remind me about squats! So I did my squats and I'm not giving a number until she does hers. I also ran for about 7 minutes (STRAIGHT) and did just one four minute song on Just Dance 2. I will have to kick the kiddos off the Wii so that I can do some Walk It Out.

I am still a little high about being under 160. I have not been under 160 since the Ides of March 2002. I am really close to healthy weight, but still far from my goal of 129.

Today, I told my mom, "I am only weigh .6 more than Ada from the Biggest Loser." Wanna know what my mom said, "Well, Ada is more muscle." "What are you saying Mom? That I shouldn't be proud?" Good thing I am not PMSing! Another thing that I have that Ada doesn't have? BOOBS!

There. Have a good evening. I'm still journaling my food this week. It's very interesting how few calories my body intuitively needs!

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  1. I don't know why you bother to tell your mom anything. However, she is always telling me how proud she is of me. Even while I'm shovelling in vegan chocolate cake. Go figure. I am her favorite.

    You should definitely eat more so that your body can reject it as mine is doing. I haven't gotten exercise other than squats for days nand I'm also at a new low, although nowhere near 160. Gawd, I wanna go to bed!