Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Oh No You Di'nt!

I did! I did! I am under 160lbs! I am really happy about that! I am now 159.6. I am so glad I exercised even when I felt lousy yesterday. Today, I feel a little better. My head still feels like it will explode if I bend over, but otherwise, tons better.

I slept a lot yesterday! I was asleep last night by 8:00 and slept until 7 this morning, even though Mr. Fidgety did wake me up at least 3 times last night. The drop in weight makes me not care so much!

I did the short run on the Wii Fit this morning. I will do more running AFTER I put on a bra! YOUCH!


  1. You bitch! HAHAHAHA SOOO Jealous!!!! YAY YOU!

    And one word-TEMPURPEDIC-works like a charm, those commercials with people jumping up and down and the wine glass not spilling are really true!!

    Polar's Mom

  2. Tempurpedic makes me sweat! I tried one of those beds and I was sweating like a hog! We have a Sleep Number bed that is pretty awesome. He was actually waking me up on purpose, he does that, he's an arse that way.