Sunday, October 31, 2010

Eight Days and I Still Feel Lousy!

I know it will get better, and I do feel much better today than other days. So I decided I was going to wear my pedometer and start keeping track of steps again. Thursday, I walked over 4,000 steps. Friday, I was still feeling lousy, so I lied around all day. I mean, I only walked 991 steps! Hmmm, no wonder my weight is up a little. So, I forgot to put the thing on yesterday, but I went running with the kids at the in-laws. We had glow-sticks and I decided that I needed more than two. I am a little sore for tackling the kids to get them!

Today, I had walked over 4,000 steps before I LOST my pedometer. GrrR. I am sure it is somewhere in the woods where I took my dog walking, or maybe it's by the pond. I hate when I do stuff like that!

ANYWAY! I am back on track, again. Even though I feel like crap, I am going to exercise again. I am focusing on getting my calories from veggies. I still have tons of snot in my head, and I still feel like garbage. But, I am not going to use that as an excuse to get obese again.

Thursday, October 28, 2010


My kids are all adorable. I am not biased at all. I really expected to have at least one goofy looking kid, I mean, look at my hubby ;). Anyway, I don't have any goofy looking kids. They are all gorgeous. They all look completely different. One is built like a tank, one is average, and one is small. One has green eyes, one has gray eyes, and one has brown eyes. If I HAD to choose on which one is my most adorable, I would have to guess the blonde one. He has the dimples. He has the blonde hair. He has the "perfect" build. BUT, he is THE biggest pain in the arse I have ever come across in the history of the WORLD!

He asked me the other day, "Mom, can I spray Pledge on the floor?" I said, "No! It will make the floor very slippery and be very dangerous! I will probably fall and get hurt." So, he sprays the floor with Pledge. I made him scrub the floor to make the floors less slick. Then, I think the problem is solved. Yesterday, he does it again! Mind you, these are not wood floors that will absorb some of the Pledge, these are vinyl floors. Anyhoodle, I snuggled in on the couch to watch a movie, and thought, "I don't want to use this Yankee's blanket, I want my pink Cubbies blanket!" So I got up, stepped on to the vinyl, slipped, fell flat on my back. In the process, I hit the bottom of my foot on the steps going into the kitchen, cut my hand, and wrenched my back.

That kid might be the cutest, but that is only so I don't hurt him!

I Still Feel LIke GARBAGE

If I didn't feel so nasty, I would find a picture of Oscar the Grouch, but I don't wanna. I feel yucky. I really should get to the doctor, but again, LOUSY!

Dimples' glasses came in today. I should get out and get them. Maybe I will give him a break during school. hmmm.

Scale is wonky. I'll post about that tomorrow, if I feel better.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I'm still sick. My eyeballs hurt. My face hurts. I'm sure it's killing you! HAHAHA *cough* *wheeze* *cough* *sneeze* *ugh*

Monday, October 25, 2010

Still Sick

I feel worse than I have since this started. I'm up on the scale, I want to lay down, but it hurts my head to do so. I guess I will sit on the couch and just wait for this to pass.

I ended up winning the 50/50! So the Democrats really are spreading the wealth, I mean, I did end up BUYING the 50/50 tickets, but still! I WON!

We are out of water, so we need to go get the bottles filled up. Hubby's doing that now. Arg, I feel lousy!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

I Missed My Party :(

I went to the in-laws last night for the fall party that we have every year. Yankee wasn't feeling well, so he stayed with my mom. I went with Hubby and the other two boys to the party. I started feeling dizzy and weak. I went to sit on the couch and got worse and worse as time went on. I asked my mom to come get me and she took me home. I was asleep by 7:30. I slept through my alarm this morning but still made it to work on time. I felt pretty good this morning, but I'm feeling lousy again now. I have so much homework to do, and not so much time.

I will go and nurse my headache and then be better soon, I hope.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fun Fun FUNNY!

Tuesday, I got a call from the school that Dimples is saying some things that make him sound like he is using his disorders as an excuse to behave poorly. When I asked what he is saying, the teacher responded, "He said yesterday when we were at the orchard, 'When I eat this donut, it will cause me to have psychotic tendencies which I cannot control.' Then he proceeded to eat the donut (which had nothing he is allergic to in it) and push this girl down." Psychotic tendencies? I have NEVER said that anything he is allergic to causes psychotic tendencies. I have said it will cause outbursts, but the things he says....

Thursday night, we went to a customer appreciation event at my favorite car dealer, ever. They are awesome. They sponsored the St. Baldrick's event for me in March and will be doing the same again coming up this March. Good people. Anyway, they were having a pig roast. The pig wasn't actually on the premises, but it was a roast, nonetheless. Brown eyes kept asking everyone, "Where's the pig? I need to eat him!" So we went through the line and got to the pig (pulled pork), and he says to the lady, "I want a pig sandwich!" She says, "Well, this is pork." He says, "What's the difference?" Her response, "I think the difference is pork is cooked." He rolled his eyes and took the sandwich and didn't eat a bite of it! Oh and there were over 500 people at the event. INSANE!

Last night, one of hubby's bosses asked him if he would like to take us to a fish fry. Hubby called me and asked, and I said fine. Now, I never like to talk about politics on this blog, but I feel I must now. I consider myself a crunchy conservative. I don't like to waste our resources, I like to do things naturally, but fiscally, I am conservative. I am also open to hear what others have to say, BUT I do not want to go to a fundraiser for EITHER party! I should have known that it was a Democratic Party fundraiser as it was at the UAW. But it didn't hit me until we were waiting for Hubby's boss, and I looked at the ticket that I realized it was a fundraiser. Then my uber conservative Yankee was constantly rolling his eyes when the speakers were talking. How embarrassing!

I bought 12 50/50 tickets and I didn't win. I told them that if I won, I would become a Democrat, but I guess they don't feel like buying my vote! :D

Hot 100 Update ... A Day Late

1. I will remember to take my supplements every single night. Yay! I did it! It really helped that I changed my B vitamin!

2. When I feel I need ibuprofen, I will take 1 instead of 2. - I had a migraine the other day, I took one, it didn't touch it. So, before bed, I took two.

3. I will purposefully exercise every day. I do believe I succeeded in this one! Thinking back on this week, I took a walk every day. One day, I even got to do a good deed!

So even though the goals were achieved, I had a rough week and I am still up 1.5 for the week. Now, by Monday, that should be gone (as has happened in the past), but I REALLY want to be out of the 160s! And, I want my saddlebags gone. Things are moving and changing every day. I have started some new exercises that Lanie sent me, so I let you know how thins look after a week.

I have a busy weekend as well! Fall festival party at the in-laws tonight. Tomorrow, I am taking my mom with me to work (I am actually dropping her at Panera) and then we are going to return some stuff she bought that she doesn't need.

I am working on another post right now about the crazy week I had! It is very funny if it didn't happen to you!

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Well, I have a test tonight, en la clase de espanol. It is open book, so I'm not at all worried about it. My mom and I are going grocery shopping today along with paint shopping for my tables that I have been getting painted for about 3 years. I have finally decided what color I want them.

Again, I ehat that beeeotch Flo. I'm up .2 today, which makes me up 1.5 since she came to town. I'm cramping bad and really annoyed. Mostly by the dog's gas. Probably the cat food he ate yesterday.

Quote of the day: "Have a lousy day!" Oscar the Grouch

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

NSV and Biggest Loser Spoiler

First, I was sitting in the waiting room of the eye doctor's office and I saw my reflection in a mirror. At first when I saw this reflection, I didn't realize it was me. I thought, "I have a jacket just like her's. She looks better in her's than I do mine!" Then, "Hollah! That's me!" That is the first time in a long time I have looked at my reflection and not thought, "Man! There is something wrong with that mirror because it makes me look HUGE!"

Second, Biggest Loser. I was shocked at Rick going home, but at the same time, a little relieved. He is SUCH a nice guy that I almost didn't believe him. I really thought they were gonna vote Anna off, but I'm glad they didn't. I was really worried about her drama, too. But she seems to have regulated it, or I am good at ignoring it.

Yesterday, I was down .9 from my 2.2 increase. Today I am the same as yesterday, so I have 1.3 to go to get back down to my lowest. When that mean woman leaves, I'm sure the weight will too. Have a good one!

Monday, October 18, 2010

I Hate HER

You know her, at least you women know her. You men have been scarred by her. She's mean and she goes for the jugular. Her name is Flo and she's everyone's worst aunt. She is on my back, all 2.2 lbs of her. I HATE her!

I asked Dimples to take a picture of me and Brown Eyes for my blog, I didn't realize he would take it so that it didn't need to be edited. I want a couple of things noticed. First, I am not trying to eliminate my double chin, it's just not there. Second, I think you can see collar bone, if not muscle in my neck! Also, I am sitting on the floor. I am not uncomfortable, even though I have a 75 lb dog on my lap along with a 45 lb kid. I am happy, kid is happy, dog is happy. (This is all before that beee-atch jumped on my back to have me gain 2.2 lbs).

Sunday, October 17, 2010

2 Miles Today

I walked only .8 of that and the rest was on my pink bike Betsy. I feel like today lasted FOREVER! Driving to Toledo and back, riding my bike to my mom's and back, walking to my mom's, reading my book, going to the Wal-Marts, and now to reading my book. I'm over half way done. I got my food for tomorrow's project, and a small amount of groceries for the fam.

While I was out and about, and in doing homework, Hubby cleaned my van! It is so clean! Maybe he felt a little bad about the picture he left me this morning.

That guy can be such a pain! So I showed him! I took the van. HA!

Sunday Afternoon

I got to see my mommy today. She has moved to town! WOOT! I still have over half of my book to read and write a paper on it by Tuesday, so I didn't stay too long. My weight was the same as it was the other day, which is my all time low. I am pleased with that as we did eat out on Friday night.

I really struggled this morning when I went to the store to get my morning caffeine. The apple fritters were there, just delivered, all glazed and gooey. They looked fabulous. I wanted one or eleventy. I grabbed a bag of trail mix, a granola bar, and my caffeine. I paid, then left. Did I do myself in by not eating that? Probably not. I know I am weak right now as I mentioned yesterday having a difficult time dealing with the kiddos. So, I have won over the fritter!

After work, I stopped at Panera for more black bean soup. Instead of getting a bowl this time, I got a cup. It was just as satisfying, if not more, because I wasn't stuffed after. I consider that a bit of a victory as well.

Saturday, October 16, 2010


It is amazing what a little bit of exercise will do for my perspective. Dimples and I played Walk It Out on the Wii today and according to the annoying guy, we walked over two and a half miles. When Hubby got home from his third job today, Brutus and I went for a 2.41 mile walk. It is a brisk 64 degrees with gorgeous blue skies. The desire I have most right now is lose the saddlebags. They are really annoying me. I can see the rest of me shrinking, then I get a glimpse of myself in the glass when I'm walking into school, and my eyes bulge out of my head like in the cartoons! The saddle bags are TOTAL vanity, and I don't care. I want them gone! How do I do that? I guess I should move more and eat less. I still have some slight pain in my left foot from my fall down the stairs a few weeks ago, but I am pushing through it now. It isn't a constant, just seems to be associated with weather change. Isn't it awesome? I have a built in weather forecaster in my right knee, my left ankle, my left big toe, my left wrist, and my right hip. Maybe I should become a meteorologist, or better yet, a meaty urologist!

I've been waiting to use that line!

Too Much About My Dog?

I don't care, I LOVE him! He's awesome! He listens, he's potty trained, and he doesn't talk to me. Aunt Flo must be on her way because the sound of my children's voices are really annoying me. The pitter patter of their giant feet, the fighting, the arguing, why can't it be me and my dog? I took a test online this morning, and I bombed it, thanks to the help of my children. Every 20 seconds, I had to tell one of the kids to leave the dog alone, stop yelling, stop fighting, turn down the TV, stop asking me questions, stop getting the dog wound up, no hitting, ARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGG!

Okay, children are a treasure from the Lord. I must keep reminding myself of that. I am 5% of the way through the book I have to read and write a paper on by Tuesday. Holy cow, I have a lot to do.

Brutus found his leash and harness and brought them to me, sat down and waited patiently for me to get him ready for a walk. So I did, and sent Yankee out with him. I was in the middle of my test. He was so patient and quiet, that I couldn't help but love him best. Anyway, I think I am off to get him a new toy and some biscuits.

Friday, October 15, 2010

FRIDAY...FRIday... friday

I love Fridays! Mostly because I don't have to get up early on Saturdays. My eating was right on today, and Brutus and I walked 1.5 miles.

Since we have been keeping Brutus in the house, he is a different dog! I almost wonder if we didn't get someone else's dog after the free dog wash. They either gave us the wrong dog, or they washed all the naughty off of him! He is like a perfect dog! He lays at my feet while I am studying. Barks at the mean dogs on Frogger. Helps me do my Wii Fit. He's AWESOME!

I am really tired after this long week!

Thursday, October 14, 2010


I am really ticked at Hubby right now. He brought home VEGAN donuts! WHAT????? Wasn't that sweet? I ended up indulging in one. But only one. I remember the days when I would buy donuts and eat a half a dozen at a time. I had an extra 200 calories with that donut, but I also only had one 12 oz soda (which lately has been more like two 20 oz bottles), and with my eating today, prolly brought be in still well below 1200 calories (I just hate math!). So I splurged,but I did NOT overeat. Brutus and I spent a LOT of quality time today. I watched me do 30 minutes on the Wii Fit. We walked to school to bring Yankee his lunch. We went for another walk after I got home from school. In spite of my thoughtful husband, the was pretty good.

I am ready for bed. I have taken my vitamins, I have my book and my water.

Hot 100 Update

1. I will remember to take my supplements every single night. I only forgot my vitamins one night, and that was because I had just gotten home from the visitation, and all I could think of was my allergy meds.

2. When I feel I need ibuprofen, I will take 1 instead of 2. - SUCCESS!

3. I will purposefully exercise every day. Not every day, but definitely more. I walked and jogged with Yankee (DS#1) and Brutus last night. I really want out of the 160s! I have always had difficulty with the 160s and this time is no different.

So yesterday, I had an appointment for a free dog wash for Brutus. He has mostly been an outside dog since we got him. We have a nice big fenced in back yard, a shed that he like to spend the days in, and we have just recently started bringing him in at night since it is dropping below the fifties. After his bath yesterday, I felt like I could handle having him in the house, since he smells so good! We had him in last night from 6:30 until bedtime of 9:00, then he had to sleep in his bed. He is still a puppy of 9 months and 74.5 pounds, and I am not sure I trust him so much yet, especially since he likes to chew the stuffed animals, shoes, hubby's driver's license etc. This morning, we put him outside to eat and pee. When I went out to get him to bring him in, he was on the other side of the fence. He has yet again unlatched the gate to travel to the neighbors. I called him and he came back in the gate and right in the back door. Now that the newness has worn off, he is laying on the floor surround by his toys, sleeping. Now he is in his bed, with the door open, sleeping. He must like the security of being in the crate. I don't know how to train a dog, especially a big dog. I am welcoming suggestions!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Spoiler Alert! Biggest Loser!

Maybe I should say that when I was watching the Biggest Loser online today, they blew it for me! Right there on the side of the screen it says, "Viewers of Episode 4 also viewed 'Catch up with Burgandy at home!" JERKS! That's all I have to say. I felt bad for her as she was working her arse off at the ranch, but obviously, something clicked at home. She looks great. Also, Sophia was sent home, because she went below the red line. It seems like this season, up to episode 4 the only whiners that weren't pulling their "weight" are above the yellow line. I just don't get it. I also can't believe they are bringing back heart attack guy! EEK!

Today Is A New Day

I woke up this morning with a bad headache, and not my hubby! He had already left for work. I had an actual headache. It is killing me. I am waiting until after the thyroid meds are absorbed before I take an ibuprofen so that I can take it with some food. It could be a caffeine headache as I have really cut back on the pop again. Anyway, I can't let a little headache slow me down. I have stuff to do.

The headache might also be slight dehydration from all of the crying I was doing. I tell you what! I must be allergic to sad things! Every time I go to a funeral, or watch a sad movie, or see a kleenex commercial, my eyes start watering, my nose starts running, it MUST be allergies.

I have to read a book and write a review on it by Tuesday. I also have to take a test by Friday. I think I just need to get my butt in gear.

On the scale, I was down .2! I'll take it!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Wow! That Was REALLY Difficult

Today sucked. That's all there is to it. Hubby forgot he was supposed to work at one of his three jobs today, so he was at a different one when he got the call. ARG!!! I went ahead and made vegetable soup with all of the ingredients that I had from yesterday's group project that is not until next week. Then I went to school and messed up yet another assignment. I have to rush home between classes on Tuesday to get the kiddos. Today, as I was driving in silence (oh, I fogot to tell you all how hubby fixed the lighter so that I can charge my phone, but somehow disconnected the clock and radio) I heard this noise that sounded like the seat belt flapping against the side of the car. I decided to close the window, but then the car wasn't driving correctly. You guessed it! I had a flat tire! I had to call my neighbor to get my kids from school while a very nice farmer changed my tire for me. I had to hurry and get ready for class and then go to the visitation right after that.

The visitation was hard, but not as bad as I thought. Come to find out, friend's hubby was not punishing me. He thought that I was getting updates from her as she had a new computer with a new email address. AND he wasn't mad at me, either. There was some kind of family drama that seems to be pretty intense that I am going to stay out of! BUT, it didn't make it any easier to see all of the pictures and seeing her little pumpkin running around. Well, I made it through, I had some yummy homemade vegetable soup, and came home to a clean kitchen.

Pulling Up My Big Girl Panties!

Today is going to be very difficult. I have a lot to deal with. My friend who passed told me before she told her husband that she was going elsewhere in the country to seek homeopathic treatment. He was furious with me when this happened, even though I had no idea the circumstances. Her hubby's way to punish me for this was to cut me off from any communication with her. He has been in total denial of her illness, thinking that once she got a new liver, she would be fine. He wasn't there when she passed because he didn't believe that she was really going to go, even though she had been in a coma for two weeks. I fear for what he has to deal with in the years to come, and for their sweet little girl. Anyway, visitation is tonight. Dreading it.

I also have two papers and a presentation to do for today. They seem so minor in comparison, but I still have to do my best. I am grateful to have my life and must live it to the best of my ability. When I saw the yummy treats yesterday, and I was "starving, " I remembered that I am not going to take my health for granted. Instead, I ordered fresh veggies and put them on my spinach leaves. I also ordered fresh fruit. I burped and tooted a LOT yesterday. I feel really good in spite of all the music.

I am lower than I have been in over 9 years. After I had Dimples (the middle child), I lost all of my baby weight and was down to 148 lbs, still 19 lbs overweight, but rocking it! Well, I rocked it a little too much and got pregnant with Brown Eyes. He was born sick. We have had many issues with his health since he was born, and I believe that is what caused me to go into my depression of 2005 where I peaked at 205. I have been up and down and up and down since '05, but never above 195, and never below 165, until now! I still have a ways to go, but I am back on the downward track. I am actually ready to post my weight. 162.9 (overweight NOT obese).

Monday, October 11, 2010

Not Taking My Health For Granted

Lanie mentioned a while back about a friend of hers who had some major health problems. That was one of the major reasons she decided on this journey. I am an advocate for childhood cancer research. Her words of not taking her health for granted really touched me. With all of my frustration of the last few weeks, I was reminded again about not taking my health for granted. I lost a friend to liver failure. She was 34 years old. She just passed last week, I found out about it last night. I am very sad, to say the least. It is a reminder to not take my health for granted. She leaves behind a little girl. She did not take her health for granted. She did everything she could to be healthy while I ate when I wasn't hungry.

This is hard. And it sucks.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

One Hour At A Time Part Dos!

I really can do this! I stopped on the way to church today at my favorite market. I got some red pears, kiwi fruit, honeycrisp apples, and black grapes. Oh my GOODNESS what a treat we had this morning in the nursery. After church I was really hungry, like give me a burger hungry! I decided I would check out Panera to see if they had the black bean soup that I love so much, and they did! I was so excited. I bought a bowl of soup and had it with the whole grain baguette. I did not order any drinks, or any cookies, or "bagels" etc. I just got my soup and bread and headed for home. That was so satisfying that I have not felt deprived at all. One thing I did notice, as I have not eaten this soup for almost a year is that it is REALLY salty.

Now, enough procrastinating! I have three papers to write and one project to finish! Wish me luck!

One Hour At A Time

Spunkisuzi is right. I need to take this one hour at a time. Last night, after I blogged, I took Brutus for a walk. At first, I didn't put his harness on him. BIG mistake. I made it five doors down before I came back home. I was going to give up, but I remembered the square fish I ate. So I put his harness on him, and ventured back out. He tried to pull at first, but just couldn't handle it, so we had a nice walk. We went around the block, one mile, and we were both better for it.

My weigh in this morning was much better. I am down .7. I went ahead and changed my ticker to my current weight. I feel like I might be able to move forward in the direction I need. I would like to say that I don't let what negative bloggers say affect me, but I guess it does. When someone says that I am a failure and it will be evident sooner or later, I take it to heart. Does that mean that the negative wins? Maybe. Well, losing over 30 lbs is not failing. Gaining a few over a weekend is not failing. Wrapping my mind around what caused it and doing better, is not failing. Making good choices, listening to my body, is succeeding.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

AND I Ate Crap Again

On the way there, I just ate hummus and pita chips, drank my water, and left it at that. On the way back, I treated the kids to McDonald's. I got a fillet-o-fish and a soda. I then chowed on lunch meat the rest of the way home. It was obviously too much for me to handle. ARGH!!!

I am going to take the pooch for a short walk tonight to get myself back in the game like I claimed earlier today. WHATEVER!

Back in the Game!

Okay, so last night, I tried a different kind of B vitamin. It is not nasty at all. I am getting rid of the ones that make me gag, so one problem solved. I was also down today, not down to what I was before the trip, but down, nonetheless.

I have a road trip today to take Niece home. I will definitely be planning. I am not going to spend a fortune on food, so that means I will be packing some food, and only healthy choices. Have I mentioned that I am not happy about taking Niece home? We all have really enjoyed her. She is such a sweetheart. The boys don't want her to go back, Hubby doesn't want her to go back, and I don't want her to go back. Unfortunately, her mother wants her back, along with her half brothers, grandma, great grandma and her aunt. FINE! I'll take her back, but I won't like it! She really completes our little family. GRRRR

Tomorrow, I work at the UU church, then we celebrate MIL's birthday. I have no idea what we are going to give her, but we'll figure something out. Have a good day, everyone!

Friday, October 8, 2010

My Head Hurts!

And it is my own fault! I made hot dogs for my nephew and niece today for lunch. They are the Hebrew National, so not as bad as others, but still. Anyway, Niece said, "Auntie Mandy, could you make me another hot dog? I'm still hungry." I said, "Sure. Why don't you eat some of this fruit salad why I make your hot dog." She said, "I will eat everything except for the pineapple. I don't like pineapple." So I ate the pineapple for her. That was my first mistake. I should have just put it back in the bowl, but no, I decided it must be eaten. Then when the hot dog was done, Niece said, "Auntie Mandy, I don't that hot dog. I'm full." So, I put it on a plate and offered it to my sister-in-law when she came to pick up Nephew. She said, "mmm, no thanks. I will pass today." Well, Hebrew National hotdogs are REALLY expensive! So, while I was making my kale (turned out awesome!), I ate the hot dog. Then, when I stopped to get gas, I bought some donut gems. Then I went to Kroger to get my vegan cheese slices and bought a pepsi. Then I ate a bunch of chips and hummus. Now, I sit and wonder why I have a headache. I am guessing it has something to do with hot dog and donut.

Tomorrow, I take Niece home. The boys are so bummed about it. They have really grown attached to her. They don't understand why we can't adopt her. Well, I wish we could, but that is not in the plans right now.

So, for Auntie Mandy's Good Choices Blog, I'm Auntie Mandy, ready to make better choices starting NOW!

Hot 100 Update

I thought I did this yesterday, but I must not have. I really think my mind is shot. I have a few big assignments due, one today and two Monday and two on Tuesday (along with a test). I cannot wait until the last minute on these! So today, I will be working on projects.

So, my goals:

1. I will remember to take my supplements every single night. Being a vegan, it is very important that I do this as I cannot get B vitamins from anything but animal products. - So I have indulged on the occasional animal product, which has made me feel yucky. I had been successful at taking my vitamins every night until last night. UGH!

2. When I feel I need ibuprofen, I will take 1 instead of 2. - SUCCESS!

3. I will purposefully exercise every day. Even if it is walking the halls of the school on my break, I need to do it on purpose. -Since I have had Niece all week, and hubby has been working a lot of hours, the walks with Neighbor have been non existent. We will get back to it, we have to!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I'm Up and NOT Happy About It!

I am up just over two pounds from my trip. It's better than the 5 it was originally showing, but still. I know that I need to move more. I also know that I ate things yesterday that I am allergic to, without realizing it until I was half-way through it. We had presentations in one of my classes on different countries. All of the presentations had food. I refrained from eating the tamale because I KNEW it had pork in it. I decided to have the Indian rice dish not realizing it had yogurt in it until after I had a few bites. I also ate the baklava, two pieces because they were given to me, not because my body said that it needed the walnuts and pecans. I really need to have some self-control.

Today, things should get back to somewhat normal. I need to get my house in order. I need to get some homework done. My nephew is coming today as well. We should play on the Wii.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I'm Back, I Think!

I went out of town last week, to the land of Patrick, but I didn't tell him before I went so that he didn't think I would get all stalky on him. I had a great time, but I did see my grandmother. I love her dearly, but the woman is not good for intuitive eating. The woman is a pusher. She is an overbearing Italian woman who pushes food on everyone who enters her door. "C'mon honey, eat. Can I get you something? C'mon honey, what do you want?"

I have been up the last two days, but my batteries are running out on my Wii Balance Board. Tomorrow, I will be changing them to see how accurate the weigh ins have been before I post if I am up or down. I have continued to take my vitamins every night and my meds every morning, so I'm good on the goals. I also purposefully exercised while we were gone, so my hottie goals are still intact.

I have also been able to spend a lot of time with my niece. She is a stink pot and I don't think I could love her more. She is keeping me busy! She's four years old and just as cute as a button. Oh, she looks just like me! :D

I have to scoot. Again, I will try to be on here, but I have her until Saturday.