Sunday, December 5, 2010

One Tired Girl!

That is what I am! I feel like I could fall asleep right this minute and it is only 6:05! I still have at least 2 1/2 hours before my day is done!

Well I took the girl home today. I wish so much that I could keep her, but that isn't the plan right now, so I will spend as much time with her as her mother allows. She stayed with me at work today and was as funny and sweet as can be. We then drove through lake effect snows to get her home, and then back again. I got home and Hubby and kiddos are at my in-laws' house. When they get home, we will head to evening church and then call it a weekend.

I have made it a point every morning to work out for at least 25 minutes on the Wii. This morning, I only did 15 because I was so confused by the 3.5 lb loss that I had to mess with it for a while. Anyway, I like that I am getting that exercise in first thing. Then if I get no more than that, I know that I had a good start to the day.

Hopefully, there will be less of me tomorrow!


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  1. you're doing a good job with your exercise.I'm slacking on the weekends but will be back to it tomorrow!