Thursday, December 30, 2010

Power of One Challenge

I'm a day late and a ONLY a dollar short. I'm signing up here. I put in my weight as of today. I have my measurements done because my ultra cool mom did them for the other day.

I also have to state my healthy living goals:

1. Ohio - Oh not that state?
2. Continue what I'm doing - make good choices. Those good choices do not include eating things I am allergic to, or make me feel sick.
3. Remember to take my supplements. That is the best habit I have gotten into thanks to the Hot 100 Challenge.
4. First mini goal- lose 15 lbs so that I can get EA Sports Active Trainer 2.
5. Get to goal. That requires losing just over 30 lbs. That is so doable!

Here's my picture of me in my long johns. Ugh! I didn't suck it in so my nice roll is there for all of the internets to see! I still can't straighten my left arm. I know, it's been like 48 hours.

That's it! Number one is still my favorite.


  1. That is so doable, Mandy. You must be able to taste sweet victory! I'll be rooting for you.

  2. I feel sick now. Every time I want to binge, I'm going to come and look at this photo. I hate you because you have skinny hands. That's all I can see.

  3. I sooo admire you for posting a pic... I took my pics yesterday and wanted to jump off a bridge when I saw them. It's scary how I really did NOT know what I looked like (how is that possible??).

    Good luck with your goals. (And I like your no. 1, too! lol)

  4. I love your goals! And your pic made me giggle because I have long johns too but you look so awesome in yours me not so much (I was giggling at myself not you) for having long john envy!