Friday, December 24, 2010

99 Squats and Stinkin' Cat!

So I did my squats this morning and ended up with 99. Why I couldn't do that last one to make it an even 100 is beyond me, buy my legs gave up.

So at 2:00 this morning, we hear this crash. Hubby jumped out of bed. I waited to see if he got shot before I followed him down the stairs. I went downstairs and my favorite ugly green pitcher is shattered on the floor of the living room. I had it on the mantle of the fireplace, and the cat decided that she didn't like it there. So at 2:00am, I was cleaning glass shards off of the floor. There are still many there, and I have been working on it all morning, but everytime I think I'm done, I see some more sparkles of glass. If that cat would just sleep in her bowl like I tell her to, then we wouldn't have this trouble.


  1. good kitty. i hated that ugly green pitcher.

  2. LOL, Poor Mandy ... and Poor Kitty (not). Must have scared the crap outta her. I've had this happen to me before. One of our cats in particular loved downsizing.

    Great on the 99 squats.'re going to have rock-hard quads.

  3. 99 is just a good!
    Darn Cat.