Saturday, December 18, 2010

Happy Happy Happy!

I got up this morning to do my morning weigh in and am down .3! That is yet another all time low! I am one pound away from being in the 150s! HOLLAH!

Well after that encouragement, I decided to do my Walk It Out. I haven't been there for three days and I knew the jerk would be there whining at me. Well he was. I ended up today, walking 4.1 miles. I will prolly do Just Dance 2 a little later as well. We are supposed to go to Hubby's holiday party tonight at the P.O. and he can't remember what dish he is supposed to bring. I told him he would just have to settle for a dirty one! HA!

Okay, thanks Anne H. for the laugh! Uranus in retrograde!


  1. hey, mine has been in retrograde for days. ouch.

    You are so "on it" right now with the exercise. I wish I could shake this cold or wahtever plague it is so i'd feel more like moving!

  2. Congratulations on the loss, Anne always makes me laugh too :)

  3. YAY for the loss :) JD is so much fun! Just think you'll probably be 150 or less to ring in the new year! Awesome!!!

    BTW, withdrawel still going okay. Lil bit of almost crying today but dizzyness is almost gone.I'll be glad when sleeping issues move on down the road though. Considering that my hubby's great aunt's grandson came in and surprised her at her 50th wedding anniversary party after being in Boot Camp and she didn't know he was out.... I think some tears were okay :)