Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Nothing to Say!

Which is REALLY strange for me. I usually have all kinds of stuff to say. Actually it can be difficult to shut me up!

I am worried about my Lanie. She seems to be okay from her sleep study, but I'm a bad friend. I had too much going on and wasn't there for her like I shoulda been.

I just found out that I am supposed to ice skate today. There better NOT end up being a video of it on FB like my Just Dance 2 performance.

Okay, I'm off to get my warm woolies on. Have a good one! OH, extra exercise included 16 proper sit-ups and 116 squats. I also did an extra mile on Walk It Out for good measure.


  1. I have been browsing for a good activity game on the Wii and you've mentioned two of the games I was looking at. I was also thinking about Zumba Dance and Dance Dance Revolution. Have you tried them? There were a lot of complaints on Amazon re: Walk It Out that it was hard to play, the controller set-up was hard, it didn't make sense etc. etc. I would really appreciate it if you could post some thoughts re: Just Dance and Walk It Out - maybe a short review of each or something. :)

  2. I will do a review later, but Just Dance is a TON of fun and burns tons of calories. I love Walk It Out because it keeps track of the steps and the music is fun. I'm off to go ice skating!

  3. Hey Mandy, we bought the EA Sports Active 2 yesterday. Didn't even know it existed until I read about it on your blog. I'll let you know how I like it -- and I WILL like it.

  4. Walk It Out doesn't come with very good instructions, but we can help you through it. We are still finding out little gems of info as we go. I highly recommend it because you can play it as long as you want, where as with the Just Dance games, you have to stop between songs and you don't get your cardio going as well. Also there are different settings you can mess with to make it work for you level. I have no sense of rythm, for instance, so I had to change it so that I don't lose points for missing the beat. Wich I do. A lot.

  5. You can knock those excersizes out!
    I'm still impressed.