Monday, September 20, 2010

What a Day!

Tomorrow, I will take the fifth test in 5 days. It has been a little difficult, to say the least. The drama in blog land has been a little wild as well. Oh well, I will keep doing what's working for me. What works for me won't work for everyone, but it works for ME! So, if you don't like it, don't want to do it, whatever. I've lost over 30 lbs, over 20 of them since July when I started blogging (and coincidentally right after I read Geneen Roth's Women Food and God. I will not criticize your diet plan, call you names, or post lies about you if what you do works or doesn't. All I hope is that everyone makes good choices, and if you don't, you learn from the bad ones.

Off of my soap box now... I've been working really hard on walking two miles per day, but today, the legs just hurt. I ended up walking a little over a mile, but couldn't manage more than that. The owner of the gym heard about how those "big strong men" need to take the weights off of the machines. Neighbor went in today and redeemed her free month and let him know how I couldn't do a full workout because of the inconsiderate muscle heads.

I have a full day of classes again tomorrow. I enjoyed my day full of fruits and veggies with a granola bar for breakfast, and a 1/2 c of pasta with lunch.


  1. Your doing great!! I totally believe what works for one doesn't work for everyone.

  2. You rock. You've done a fabulous job and I still love you despite your lack of obesity. At least you're still obtuse.