Thursday, September 9, 2010

Low Carb?

I am all for losing weight with what works. I am one that believes that deprivation is the cause of most eating plan failures. BUT some would argue that my vegan eating plan is also deprivation. I was interested when I went to visit Anne what someone like myself would eat on a low carb diet (not that I plan on going low carb, ever). But seriously, without all of the animal products, what is left for a vegan such as myself to eat if I were low carb?

Again, my vegan lifestyle is not political. I am allergic to eggs, milk, honey, turkey and feel sick when I eat meat (except fish). When I looked at Anne's breakfast, I wondered what I would eat. Now, when low carb people look at my food, do they say, "Well, I can't eat any of that!" I had hummus for breakfast, and a granola bar for lunch. I am going to take some more hummus with me to school for dinner, just because it sounds so yummy! I might take a few tomatoes with me, too.

I really am interested in feedback about the low carb thing. I was on adkins in 1997, lost 20 lbs, then gained it all back shortly after. I thought about trying the Zone in 1998, but then got pregnant and wanted all sugar and wheat. In 2000, I went on WW. In 2001, I got pregnant. In 2002 I went on WW and was at 149. I got pregnant. In 2003, my son was born with some special needs that caused me to go up and down in weight. I went completely vegan in December of 2009. I kept "cheating" which would make me sick over and over. A couple of months ago, I decided to get my act together. No more cheating. Ever.

Now I am my lowest that I have been since before I got pregnant with #3. I feel really good. I was up .4 on the scale today, but I am confident it will be gone tomorrow. It is strange because i remember being this weight and thinking I looked hot. Then I remember losing 5 more pounds and thinking, SWEET! My goal was 149 because that was the highest I could be and still be healthy weight. Well, my goal now is to be healthy. I want to lose, but at the same time, I want to feel good, have endurance when I walk up stairs, I want to sleep better, get my thyroid under control. The list goes on, but the number cannot be the be all to end all.


  1. you're always hot to me bigmama!

    I think as long as you are having nutrient-dense carbs you are ok. Humans need carbs to help balance their brain chemistry as I understand it anyway. You & I need all the help we can get.

  2. I know low-carb is controversial. I guess you would probably think of my eating that way. But I consider it "good" carb. I like the South Beach Diet. It is quite different from Atkins in that the goal is not to go into ketosis. The initial phase does have you cut out a lot of carbs, like grains and fruits, but to help you cut the cravings. Then you add those back in, but whole grains. You can also eat beans - carb.

    Now while I think it is a great plan, I have reached my goal weight on it more than once but then gained back. But I gain back because I start letting myself eat a lot of food that is NOT on the plan.

    I think you should do whatever works for you and that you think you can comfortably live with long-term. That's the key.

  3. I think healthy is a good goal. It's probably not advisable to leave out any of the food groups (unless allergic, or for ethical reasons). Waisting Time's program is much better than Atkins - healthy carbs is the key. And Lanie is right, our brains do need carbs...unfortunately not from donuts or cookies - lol - but I don't think fruit is going to kill us any time soon.