Monday, September 13, 2010

I Think I'm Ready To Stop Procrastinating!

But maybe I'll think more about it tomorrow!

I had a rough day as I have been procrastinating too much. I had to rush to school to get a paper done because I didn't prepare. I have another paper due tomorrow, but I accidentally did it last week, so I'm good there.

Mondays are so hard for me to stay on plan, but I succeeded. I took hummus with me to school and then at my evening break time, I got a bowl of fruit. I tried to take the stairs and walk between classes. It worked out pretty well.

Hubby took the boys to the fair while I was at school and they all had a good time. My oldest son won a gym membership for a month, and he is too young to use it. Hubby said it was all mine if I want it. I think I will go down and talk to the dude, see what it is all about. How nice would that be for a month!?!!???

1 comment:

  1. Yay! it's about time you won something!

    Now we have to have a little talk about this book you're making me read. I am NOT enjoying it. Why do you put me through this? You better be nice or I'm gonna make you read some Picoult! You KNOW you can't handle that!