Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hi Winds! Or High Winds! Or Hy Winds?

Hubby took the first pic, and I don't think he got this pole when it was at its worst. Notice it is leaning. The concern was that if it fell, it would pull all other poles down like dominoes, and oh, those are live electrical wires. The good news? The poles would all fall towards the houses that I don't live in! Is that selfish?

Oh! That's better!

Oh, is it going to stay that way?

SOMEONE's getting screwed!

How crazy is that?

I want his job! I think is title is "Screwer"

That was my excitement yesterday, that, and my hurt toe. The most exercise I got was going up and down the street taking pictures of all of the excitement in my little town. It makes me kind of miss working for the paper. KIND OF. Not enough to go back.


  1. color me disappointed.
    It could've been a LOT more exciting.

    I think you miss working at the paper, but not the jerk boss. Too bad he had to ruin it for you because you were quite good at that job.

  2. That is one big screw. I'm jealous.

    But seriously, that is pretty frightening. Everytime we have high winds the transformer in our neighborhood blows and sounds like we are all being electrocuted. And of course, the power goes out.

    Polar's Mom