Monday, September 6, 2010

Successful Day

I am really fortunate to have such a supportive extended family. It would have been impossible to survive events like today if I didn't. I am the only true vegan in the clan, and yet my mother-in-law goes out of her way to make a cake that I can have. My sister-in-law knows that my kids cannot have artificial anything, so she makes a fun punch that is all natural using seltzer water with 100% juice punch. My father-in-law is a pescatarian, so I try to help him out on holidays and bring plenty of food that he can partake in as well.

Many people do not have it as "easy" as I do. Many people are faced with saboteurs, people who are discouraging, and negative. Not only do I have encouragement and positive energy all around me in real life, but I also have all of you who are so kind as well. I know that everyone is instrumental in my journey and I thank you!

I only ate until I was satisfied today, which was mighty difficult with the artichoke spinach humus staring at me all afternoon. We had pumpkin cake, rice dream ice cream, so-delicious Neapolitan ice "cream," three bean salad, grapes, chips, humus, black bean and corn salsa, and punch. My sister-in-law and I always go for a walk during a party and today was no different. We only went .6 miles, but that was enough for her.

After everyone left, I started working on homework. Really, I can't believe that I this is the first of the homework I have had as I am finishing my second week of school, but it is. My brain was very tired from a poor night's sleep. I ended up taking the birthday boy on a bike ride. The kid made me a nervous wreck! He should NOT be riding his bike with no hands, or riding on the pegs on the back of the bike. He and I went 2.6 miles on the bike.

Then my neighbor got home from her camping trip and wanted to walk again. I am so happy with the way the weight is coming off that I figured I would ride the wave and go for it. We ended up going 2.18, which isn't so bad for a "quick" walk. So, all in all, I traveled almost five and a half miles without using a vehicle. I know that right now, the weight is coming off fast, and it won't be this way during the whole journey. OOH! I forgot! I am no longer able to keep size 16 pants up. I am officially a size 14! I have not been a size 14 since 2002 for a brief time before I got pregnant with #3. Before that, was in 1997 when I was first married. WOOT WOOT!

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