Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Goals? CHECK!

It has been almost a week since the start of the Hot 100 challenge. I have stuck to my goals pretty well. It has been more difficult since my fall last week, but I am hoping to get back into exercising full swing tomorrow. I have not had any ibuprofen since Sunday night. And even though I was gagging on my vitamins, I have taken them every night since the challenge began.

Polar's Mom suggested that I might be a little anemic. I know for a fact that I am. I also have small RBC. I am on an iron supplement along with my other supplements. I am probably more so since I don't eat meat, but I do get plenty of leafy greens to make up for it along with my supplement.

I am really excited about my grades. I have had 6 tests and five or six projects. 4 out of the six tests were high As were all of the projects. Two of the tests were Bs. So, I am going to have to work a little harder in my Mgmt class to get an A. The thing that is hard about the Mgmt tests is that they are online, and I really blow those. Anyway, I am pleased!

More deliberate exercising tomorrow.


  1. Sounds like things are going well all around:)

  2. You've definitely found the major where you belong, that's for sure. You should be up and moving a lot again by the end of the week. Don't overdo it first time out.

  3. Good job on the grades, Ms. Brainy! I like the term "deliberate exercising." Go for it!