Monday, September 27, 2010

Ready for a NEW Week!

Yesterday was horrible! I had to go shopping for a new dress to wear to my class reunion because the other dress I already had wasn't fitting me correctly. It was too big in the bust and the hips, but not in a good way. I went to Target with my BFF, her daughter, and her fake husband and tried on a bunch of different dresses. The dresses were either fit in the hips and too big in the bust, or fit in the bust and were too tight in the hips. So we gave up. I was down, and then we were driving past Burlington Coat Factory and decided to stop.

We were in there way longer than we should have been, but I found a dress. It is a Calvin Klein (I hope he's not related!) charcoal gray dress with an empire waist embellished with a skinny patten leather belt. It is so cute! Anyway, when we left there, BFF drove me back to my car. I was just a little ways down the road when I realized I didn't have my cell phone. I must have left it on the counter in Burlington Coat Factory! So I go back over there before I leave town, and it's not there. A very nice girl in the fitting room called it for me and I still couldn't find it. She told me no one answered so I figured it had been stolen. I drove home. I kept hoping that it fell into my shopping bag or something! But it didn't. I walked in the door when I got home and hubby says, "Lanie's waiting for you at Burlington Coat Factory! You better get back there!" *eyeroll*

I asked to borrow his phone so that I could call her. In my panic, I couldn't remember her number. So I figured I would call my number. Her real hubby answered and offered to drive my phone to me or overnight it or whatever I needed. So, we decided on meeting at our halfway point, since we REALLY don't live in the same town! After that, I needed to lay down because I could feel a migraine coming on!

Then it dawned on me. The Chinese we had for lunch yesterday probably had MSG in it. I was miserable for the rest of the evening. The dog got out and the neighbor brought him over right after I had put on the new dress to show hubby. Here I was, gingerly going down the stairs in my wicked awesome shoes and bad foot/ankle to retrieve my Labrador retriever.

I slept off the headache and now I am home. I have a project due today in my health class, and I haven't touched it. I always have time for Facebook and blogging!

My weight was down a little this morning, not enough to make me happy yet, or to determine that I am totally recovered from last week's mean old visitor. On the way home from the meeting point today, I picked up a new tire for our van. It was so bald and had gone flat, so we figured it was time. I am exhausted, and I haven't even been to school yet! SHOOT! I have a paper to write as well!


  1. "hugs" hope your day gets better! Good luck on the paper.

  2. Even if it is related, they're prolly estranged.

    You know I have relatives that read your blog that might be wondering about my fake husband. Oh well, at least real husband knows about him.

  3. Yikes.

    I hope this week treats you better than the last!

  4. Dust yourself off and gear up for a better day tomorrow. Deep breaths! I'm sending happy thoughts your way.

  5. I have a few questions...
    'fake husband'?
    pic of new dress?
    pic of bad houdini dog?

    Polar's Mom