Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Another Day, Another -.2!

I am loving this pace! I know I'm bound to hit a plateau sooner or later, but I'll take it while I can. I had big plans of exercising this morning, but they were thwarted by that pesky school thing I am doing! I have a paper due in an hour and fifteen minutes. I finished it a few minutes ago. I would not let myself blog or have a soda until I finished. Now I am blogging and really jonesin' for a soda!

I have big plans to move during my breaks at school today. I will take the stairs to and from class, and have no choice but to park far from the building.

Things are nice and quiet today with everyone being at school and at work. I will enjoy it more tomorrow when I don't have to be anywhere until evening! Have a good one, and when I think of something brilliant, I'll post again! See you in 2 minutes!


  1. Good morning. I nominated you for an award today. Please pick it up from my blog and see "the rules."

  2. get OUT! You're kidding me! I never win ANYTHING!

  3. You are doing fantastic! Keep up the good work.