Saturday, September 25, 2010

'Tis Chilly Out Tonight!

Well, today I had my yin yanged and my yang yinned. I went to a Reiki room here locally to have some negative energy removed so that the positive energy can heal my foot. It seems to be my left foot that took the brunt of the fall the other night, and my entire left leg was hurting. Anyway, not that my chakras are reorganized, I should be on the road to improvement. I do feel a little better. I was told not to do one of my four milers tonight, but wait a day or two.

So tonight, I walked just a quarter of a mile with the pooch. We had big fun then came home. I have had a rough week on the scale, but I totally blame Flo. She's a nasty woman that way! My eating has been much more reasonable today than the majority of the week. I am hoping for a correction tomorrow on the scale!

I am off to take my vitamins and one ibuprofen. I have only had one ibuprofen per DAY and only since I fell down the stairs. I work in the morning, and then will hopefully be able to get some exercise in.


  1. Take care. It will heal better if you don't stress it. Hope you get good news on the scale tomorrow!

  2. Your liver must be quite relieved about the ibuprofen. How about nasal allergies - how have they been lately? Still taking melatonin as well?

  3. You're already walking 1/4 mile after your fall - that's good. I guess you're healing quickly! Hope you get that correction you want on the scale.