Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September Challenge!

I'm doing it! Healthy Loser Gal is having a September Challenge. Since I am challenging myself to only make healthy choices, I also decided to move more. My goal is to walk 2 miles a day. With this challenge, I am extending the goal to include the weekend. I find that on the weekends, I do not walk more than 1/2 mile. So here goes. Today, I have walked over 3 miles so far, and I still having walked with the neighbor girls! I am so up for a challenge!


  1. Found you via the September Challenge and decided to follow you. We can all use all the support we can get, right?

    Good luck reaching your goal!!

  2. Thank you Vicki! All support is welcome!

  3. I am impressed by your 2 mile goal... best of luck this month and remember - you only need 24 of the 30 days to stay in the challenge (and really... just moving more is good enough for me!) ;)
    Thanks again for cross-promoting the challenge, Mandy! :)