Thursday, September 23, 2010

Before The Battery Dies

I am quick posting before I lose the juice.

I had a really hard time tonight. See, Flo is here, and she's really needy. She really likes treats that make me feel crappy. So, I went into the bookstore after class tonight to shut her up. I wandered around and decided on getting corn nuts. I looked at the ingredients, and guess what! MSG. So I said, I am NOT doing that! I wandered around for another ten minutes and then ended up getting a bag of pretzels (only ate one serving from the bag) and a V8. Not the yummy fruit kind either.

I don't think I'll be doing anything with Neighbor as she is out. I have been remembering to take my vitamins at night, but forgetting to take the other meds in the morning! I guess I have one more goal to add! Take the thyroid meds so that I don't pass out!

Peace outcha'll!


  1. you won't pass out, but you might take a tumble.

  2. It is amazing how it seems like you almost could predict it.