Friday, September 17, 2010

I'm a Happy Girl!

For the week, I am down 2.2! How exciting is that?!?!? I am lower than I've been since before I got pregnant with #3!

Okay, so I think part of the weight loss is that I have to get up in the middle of the night, every night, maneuver my way down the stairs to use the bathroom. So last night, I shot out of bed. Hubby said, "What's the matter?" I said, "I need to move my bike to the right and then to the right again." As I clomped down the stairs, I decided to stop in the bathroom before making my way out to the garage. I peed, and as I was washing my hands, I thought, "WHAT? I'm not going to the garage!" So I stomped back up the stairs, said, "I don't know what the heck I was dreaming about! G'night!" and went back to sleep. So what do I do when I don't wake up enough to realize it was a dream telling me to move my bike to the right and the right again?

Am I the reason the laundry is folded in the morning? Or the dishes are done? Or better yet, am I the one messing up my kids' rooms? Maybe they really aren't the ones leaving their dirty towels on the floor. Maybe I should look into this at 1:00am!


  1. Yeah Mandy! Woo hooooooo! Funny dream, huh? Lucky you didn't go for a ride.

  2. Great loss this week!! And too funny on the dream

  3. Maybe you're the one knocking over hubby's water glass and chewing shoes, too?