Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I Woke Up Crabby...

... but now he's at work. Unfortunately, crabbiness is contagious. So, the weather has been in the 60s an 70s for a couple of weeks now. Today, NINETY (90)! INSANE! Tomorrow? 63.

I really need to apply myself for this test today. No more winging it. Did I mention that it is supposed to be 90 today? I just can't get over that!

Test, today, is on Family School and Community. AND I have a book file due. I am so glad I looked at the syllabus. UGH. So, I will be spending my morning in the library, my afternoon taking a test, rushing back to get the kids, dropping them off again to be cared for while I have Spanish in the evening.

I'm living the DREAM!


  1. Good luck on the test! Hope your day gets better :)

  2. Crazy scheduling all around!
    Hope ya ace that test!