Saturday, September 4, 2010

Up and Down

I was up .6 yesterday. I was a little bummed, but I knew it was prolly water. I didn't let it upset me, though, and I just kept keeping on. I walked my two miles yesterday, but it was in increments. I was not tempted by pizza last night at work, however, I did have 7 french fries that wouldn't fit on to someone's plate. I knew they would throw them away, not that it would be so bad, but it was only seven. So after that, I felt like crap. I drank a ton of water and felt better after that.

Today I was down .8, which means I am really down .2. I am totally fine with that. Sure and steady wins the race, right? Wait, this isn't a race, but I like winning.

It is downright chilly out today. I am not working tonight at the restaurant because it is a holiday weekend, and we have been dead because of the local fairs, going on. So, I get the night off. Because of the low temps, I think I will walk my two miles during the day. I might even go to the in-laws and walk in the woods with the pooches! FALL is my favorite time of year! WOOT!

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  1. I love the fall too. I had to laugh about the 7 fries that wouldn't fit on someone's plate. It reminded me of what my mom would say about leftovers, "I'm just going to throw this away if nobody eats this." Made is sound more appetizing. I've been finding it easier to just throw the crap away. Funnily, over the last couple of months I've even caught myself and pulled food out of my mouth to throw it in the garbage. Sometimes I noticed I was just mindlessly stuffing things into my mouth. It was a big revelation to me to catch and release.