Monday, September 13, 2010

Crazy Weekend!

Well, I saw my aunt on Saturday night, and I cried. I was so happy to see her, and my uncle. We moved some furniture, giggle, and then went out to eat. I had already had fish earlier in the day. To quote Allan, "It was screaming to get back to the ocean." So I wasn't going to eat anything, but I was hungry. So I ordered a water and waited. Then I was still hungry. I decided on a small order of breadsticks. I ended up eating 1/2 of the order and was up on the scale yesterday. I was not surprised as I also had at least 4 sodas throughout the day. If you ask me, those were not good choices.

Yesterday, I stayed on plan for eating. We went out for Mexican, and I ordered a vegetable soft taco. No meat, no cheese, no nothing. It was delicious, and very filling, so I only ate half. I have not exercised since Friday, unless you count moving, but I don't. I was down a little today, but not enough to make up for the gain of the last two days.

I will do better today. I have a lot of homework to get done before class tonight, so I will need to focus on that. I will also have to focus on eating what I am really hungry for, what my body really wants, and not my taste buds.


  1. Oh Mexican is hard for me! Those chips. Sigh. I love your last sentence. I never think of it as my taste buds but you are soooo right!