Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Another Award!

Thank you Lanie Panie! You ROCK!

10 things I like:

1. Musicals-I love to sing (even though it bothers everyone around me). I love to make my real life a musical.

2. Reading-I'm a book whore. I will do most anything for a book. I read everything from children's books to non-fiction to fiction excluding psychological thrillers. My psyche cannot handle those.

3. Hanging with my friends-especially my BFF. I think it is rare that we don't end up with a case of the giggles after being together.

4. Positive Attention-I love to be the life of the party. "I'm here, look at me, love me" -Luigi, Cars

5. Pixar movies- There isn't a one I don't like! My favorite would have to be Cars, Nemo second, and Toy Story 2 third. I might have to switch Nemo with The Incredibles.

6. Hanging with the family at the in-laws-this year, I have spent more time outside with my family than I had in years past. I am usually one that does not like to be outside. I prefer to enjoy nature through a window, with a screen, maybe some air conditioning. This year, however, I swam in a pond, something I had not done for over 13 years. The in-laws have an awesome property. We have so much fun when we are out there.

7. Cooking/Baking/Sewing/Quilting/Crafts/Decorating-I did more before I was in school, but I still enjoy it.

8. Shopping-I love to shop. I love finding a deal!

9. Walking-I have really enjoyed walking with my neighbors and my pooch. I was never one to burn calories on purpose, but now I have been enjoying the effects of it.

10. My Kiddos-I couldn't ask for kids that are more fun than these three. They have their issues, but to me, they are still the most fun boys in the world!

I have to find 10 Blogs! EEK! I'm not even looking to see if you have these already, so THERE!

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Again, I don't care if you already have this award. I did my best at first, then I gave up at the end. I think you are all awesome, so ROCK ON!


  1. haha. you KNOW I already received it since I gave it to you. Slacker! Now you've made it even harder to find my last few

  2. Thank you! I do already have it but i'm thrilled to be honoured with it again :)

  3. #4 - are you a Leo. Fellow book hoarder here. Too bad we didn't live closer...we'd have twice the library.

  4. YES! I AM! How freaky is that?!