Saturday, September 18, 2010

4 Miler!

So I walked my 1 mile earlier today, but neighbor and I haven't walked since Wednesday night. Tonight we decided to try a four mile walk. I had mapped it out before, but on the map, I had gone to the cemetery last. I don't like walking through the cemetery at night, so we went there first. Then we finished our walk early (we thought) because I had to poo. Well to get that picture out of your mind, I thought I would share another picture for you.

While I was at mother-in-law's today, I took some pictures of some pretties. This first picture totally happened by luck, but I'll say instead, that I am a stellar photographer.

We shall call this: Butterfly's Morning Glory

This one shall be called:
The Egg-Plant

Speaking of Poo!

Have a good night!