Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Day I Shaved...

Again, this month is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Cancer sucks. I hate it. Every time I hear of someone else getting cancer I get very angry. What can I do? I don't know that I can do anything except shave my head.

The time is coming very soon for us to start planning next year's head shaving event. To get into the spirit of it all, I decided to watch the news video again, especially since the Pudget lady was on her local news the other night (congrats!).

Maybe by next year's event, I will have lost 20 more lbs! I don't like to put the numbers on myself, though. My original goal was to make good choices on a daily basis, and with that, I would reach a healthy weight when my body was ready to stop holding on to the fat. I have gone down pants sizes. I have gone down in weight. It's just that this weight is were I usually hit a bump/mountain, or get pregnant.

I have Spanish class tonight and have to redo the papers that I did on Tuesday because I used the wrong form. Anyway, I am looking forward to March 14, 2011 when I will shave my head again! Hopefully, I will have shaved off some pounds as well!

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  1. Cancer most definitely SUCKS! I just saw on our local news last night that "our" BC doctors have come up with something that may help the survival rate of Ovarian Cancer. Apparently a big discovery. Yeah BC. You will definitely shave off more pounds by then but I like that you don't like to put the numbers on yourself. With all the pressures in the world...why pressure yourself. Make good choices on a daily basis - I like it. After all, we only have today.