Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Circus Is Coming To Town!

I have always thought of my three precious boys as the three ring circus. Every time I take them somewhere, it feels like I am taking the circus to town. It's official, #2 has an act!

He rode that barrel all over the yard. Next, he will be flying through the air with the greatest of ease! I think we might paint the barrel blue and red with yellow stars all over it.

I was up a little this morning. I know it has to do with eating because the food was there and not because I was hungry. I will have to work it off today, and be back down tomorrow. I was very tempted today to get some pizza pretzels, but the scary drunk guy was trying to get free samples, so I was able to resist.


  1. Hola, estaba mirando blogs, no te conozco de nada pero Te mando un saludo. Me gusta tu forma de contar.

  2. Gracias! I'm not quite sure everything you said, but I think you said you like the way I sing! SWEET!

  3. If I could get past the "eating because it's there and not because I'm hungry," I'd have this weight loss thing conquered!! It's pretty easy to say, "just don't have tempting stuff in the house," but that's not so easy to do when you aren't the ONLY person living in the house, is it?

    Hope you have a better day today. I bet you will!