Wednesday, September 29, 2010


That's what my oldest has! He went to camp last week and I am pretty sure that's where he got them. The poor kid is miserable. He is in pain from those buggers under his skin. The doctor prescribed some cream for him and he needs to wash it off at 10:00pm. I have also been washing all of the clothing in the house at a high temperature along with drying at a high temp. ugh Hubby also has an interview this evening. I am hoping for a new adventure for him, but I also want him home in time for me to go to class.

I walked a mile today. I don't want to push my foot, but it sure did feel good! I will try for a mile and a half tomorrow and increase a little every day to get back to four miles. Have a great day and I will try to post later, but I will probably be laundering clothes and bedding.


  1. Sorry he's got the creepy crawlies. I'm hoping for the best with hub's new adventure. Dude's got a lot of contacts in the area that would be good to meete!

  2. Ugh those McNasties...Got them in college from an old donation store chair. Wanted to claw my skin off. He will feel TONS better tonight! That pesticide cream is magic.

    Polar's Mom