Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Biggest Loser Week 2

So I watched the show today online. I really think I like this season more than I have any previous. I also think Jillian is a little nicer and Bob is a little meaner. They are balancing each other out nicely. I am, however, a little unhappy with the fact that Allie was sent home. I felt like of all the people there, she probably needed to be there the most. I am already sick of Tina complaining about how old she is. We all know it's difficult to lose weight as you age, but come ON already!

The visit with the doctor was eye opening as well. Again, I thought that the talk the doctor had with Allie made me think she REALLY needs to be there. If only everything were run the way I think it should be run...nevermind.

Did anyone else happen to notice that Bob and Jillian don't have the contestants counting calories or points? The dynamic duo told them to eat less, move more, eat more green, etc. Hmmm, I kind of think that sounds a little intuitive to me. Someone's gonna be maa-aad!


  1. Excellent point. I hope you-know-who (Voldemort, is that you?) doesn't find out or Jillian and Bob are goin' DOWN!

  2. Way to be intuitive...kind of without a plan, but with a plan.

  3. I noticed that too! My hope is that I will eventually get to that point, but right now my version of intuitive eating is what got me in trouble. Yeah, my intuition said, "Come on, you can eat more than that!" And then it convinced me that chocolate is full of vitamins and fiber, so I went for that too. So that's something for me to aim for.