Thursday, September 16, 2010

Slow But Sure

I am a little sore from yesterday's workout at gym. I did some light weights, some stretch bands, and I swung a giant rope around my head! It was a lot of fun. I walked to and from the gym, did a round trip to the school, and then walked over three miles with the girls last night. I made some really good choices, i.e. when I stopped to get a beverage, I chose a super-sized water.

I was down .4 today. That is a pretty big deal to me! Tomorrow is the official weigh in for the week, but if I'm up, I'm going with today's weight :D. No point in bumming myself out!

I had a lot of fun in the short amount of time I got to spend with BFF yesterday. We did a lot of giggling, caught up on our soaps (with the help of the lady at the antique store), got the running shop guy to take our picture, and she gave me a bunch of stuff she won on Allan's blog that I am to take very good care of and pass to her when I get too small for the stuff. The loot!

I have three tests to take in the next two days, so I am going to get my arse in gear! Have a good one everybody!


  1. I'm sure you'll ace the tests :) Good for you on making healthy choices when you were out!! Have a great day.

  2. no no, you're to give me the stuff when I can fit into it which might be sooner! (yeah, right)

  3. You're doing well, making your good choices, Mandy. I like your style on the weigh-in. No use getting bummed out for sure. Girl giggling is the best, isn't it? It must be really great with Lanie. She is so funny. Good luck with the tests.