Thursday, September 2, 2010


I just checked the nutritional information on my favorite burrito from Taco Bell (that I thought had no cheese or eggs in it). It has BOTH milk and eggs! No wonder my throat gets all closed up when I have this. I thought it was because of the recent cold I had. I was probably making it worse by eating these items with my allergies.

I am having a rough day with moving. My legs are very tired, not sore, but tired. I think that my whole body might be tired, but I really want to stick to my challenge of moving more, and the challenge of appreciating my health. So, when my neighbor wants to walk tonight, I will more than likely say, "Youbetcha!"

I am so mad at Taco Bell!


  1. Knowledge is power! Think of all the pounds you'll drop now!

    I found out that my pumpkin muffin was 540 calories! Wish I woulda looked that up first and then I wouldn't have been tempted!

  2. Grrrr, Taco Bell. Thanks for visting my blog. I wish you great success in your eating healthy and moving more plans. Hope you go for your walk. It's a great stress reliever.

  3. I ended up walking 4 miles tonight!