Thursday, September 2, 2010

Excellent Choices!

I had plenty of opportunities yesterday to make bad choices, but my choices were stellar! Hubby brought home yeast donuts from the store, I had NONE! At school last night, they were out of pretzels, so I got a bag of raw veggies and a bagel. As tired as I was last night, my neighbor wanted to walk, so I pushed her, she pushed me, and we walked 3 miles!

So, today I am down .9! That puts my BMI just over 28. I ended up walking over 6 miles yesterday. If the rain lets up, I plan to walk 3 miles tonight. I will not be walking the kids to school this morning, because I promised them I wouldn't make them walk in the rain. I'm pumped about my weight loss, and I am looking forward to building on that today.


  1. Good girl! I am down .7 today. Still about a half pound from where I was before my "learning experience" (aka setback).

  2. Woohoo! Way to go! And 6 miles is a LOT in one day...