Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Way Behind!

Monday was MLK day, so the kiddos were home. Yesterday, I watched my niece and nephew and Dimples had the day off because of bad roads and weather. Today, all three have the day off because of inclement weather. I am not getting nearly as much stuff done as I need! I have been neglecting the blog world, but I will promise you, I have not been neglecting my health!

Monday night, hubby and I worked out with the EAAT2. We were exhausted afterward! Yesterday, I did a cardio workout on EAAT2 went to school, and then after class last night at 8:30, did 25 minutes (1.6 mi) on the treadmill and 2 minutes on the elliptical while watching a half hour of Biggest Loser. FYI 2 minutes is my all time high!

8:30 pm on campus is a quiet time in the fitness center! There was one other person working out while I was there. He was lifting weights and using the bike. I asked him if he needed the treadmill, and he just wanted the bike. I think he was also secretly enjoying BL as well since when I offered to change the channel, he said all cool like, "Nah, it doesn't matter." After going into the locker room and getting ready to leave, I walked by the fitness center, and he was watching BL intently! HAHA! Who's the biggest loser now!?!


  1. you. you are still the biggest loser. :P

    You should've stayed and worked out for the whole show. Nothing like 120 minutes of cardio to make you feel alive!

  2. Great job on working out Mandy! I hhaveTBL taped but little man is watching cartoons! Way to go on the ellipticle ;)

  3. I'm planning on watching it today online. No cable at our house. I've never done the elipitical but I love the treadmill... or I did before demon treadmill attacked me last week. LOL

  4. Wow, you are an exercise machine, Mandy. Good for you. Very inspiring.

  5. Once you get the husband hooked, then it is ALL gravy from there on out!

    Polar's Mom