Thursday, January 20, 2011


I know I've used that title before, but ahhhhh! All of the kiddos went back to school today. I went and did a quick grocery run with the mother. I went to Aldi. I haven't been to Aldi for probably a year. It's a bit of a trek, and then there is the whole buy the cart thing, buy the bag, bag my own groceries, and so on. Anyyummers, they now have pita chips, and veggie chips! And I got a really nice enameled dutch oven for $20! Usually, those are minimum $50! So, I'm making soup. I'm also making collards. I have been really digging the collards lately! Dimples said to me yesterday, "I would like you to make some potato soup like Grammy makes and some collards to go with it." Well, you don't have to ask me twice!

Funny Story Time:

In 1999, I was married with a baby. He was the CUTEST baby, EVER! We also had an Old English Sheepdog named Jack. We were living in some apartments that allowed dogs, had a pool that I didn't take advantage of, DARN IT! Anypuppy, I digress. So I was going into the building and it stinks really bad in the hall. I mean like someone's dog ate something, pooped it out, and then died. It was rancid! So I carried my MOST ADORABLE HUGE baby (he was born 9 lbs 10 oz and was 20 lbs at six months) up the stairs and called the property manager. So they sent out the maintenance guy to see where the pile of poo was. When he couldn't find it, he knocked on doors. Come to find out, Gladys, on the first floor, was cooking collards. So they called me to tell me that she was cooking collards. I said, "Oh GAG! Can you make her stop? The smell is putrid!" Well they couldn't and I vowed that day to NEVER eat something that tasted like dead dog poo.

So, 11 years later, I'm cooking collards and my puppy is laying on the floor while I'm cooking. All the sudden he gets up and leaves. I say, "Brutus! Did you just toot and leave me to smell the mess while I'm cooking?" He said...okay, he didn't say anything, but then I smelled something coming from under the lid of the pan. You guessed it! COLLARDS! ugh. I'm Gladys.

Well, I know one thing for sure, Gladys had regular bowels!


  1. Lmao mandy!! Isn't it. Funny how sometimes life comes full circle!!
    I looove potato soup.

  2. Hey, I thought I was gladys. 'course, i never tried collards. potato soup sounds mighty good tho

  3. Um, food shouldnt smell like poo.... never. I've had collards a time or two in life, and I agree they dont smell so hot. Hot Sauce to the rescue!

  4. Never had em.
    Might not ever have them!

  5. I've never had collards before. Please gimme recipe....oh, and thank you!!