Wednesday, January 5, 2011


What is it about air that is so interesting? Look! There goes some now! Wow, there is a speck! Did that speck just say something? More air!

I feel like a total heel. I have not eaten without distractions for one meal! I was going to count today when my mom and I went out to lunch, but I was so engrossed in ESPN (not that I care, but I don't have cable) that I must count that TV as a distraction. BFF came over yesterday. I was up and down the whole meal! It's almost like I am saying, "You can't MAKE me sit and eat!" What is wrong with me?

I went to the doctor today. I really love my doctor. He is so laid back and really looks for natural ways to make his patients healthy. Anyway, he and I had a fun time hypothesizing about my sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. He still wants me to continue to wean off of my meds. I am actually ahead of schedule. He wanted me off of them in 3 months (he was being generous) and I wanted six. I am at almost two months and down to the final cut back before being done completely. It helps that Dimples is medicated.

Today's exercise included 217 squats, 2.8 miles on Walk It Out, 3 miles walking the halls of the school, and I still have sit-ups to do.


  1. Let's try to eat at least one meal at the table lol
    way to go on the exercising!!

  2. I think you are the Squat Queen!
    I want to try one, maybe just one or two!
    Cool about the meds.

  3. I'm sorry to hear you have the squats again. Try adding more fiber to your diet.