Saturday, January 15, 2011

Happy Saturday!

Well, this morning, the boys are getting themselves registered on the EA Active Trainer 2. After they are done, I plan on figuring out how to play games on the thing, and not necessarily training so much.

This semester is not going to be like last semester, either. I will not let it get away from me! I have started going through my syllabuses (I really can't believe that is a word!) and recording them in them in my planner so that I can stay abreast (I said breast). *teehee* It really helps that this semester, all of my classes are TWR at night. It gives me my days, while the kiddos are at school, to get my reading done, and work on my projects. It also gives me the days so that if I get a call from Dimples Teacher, I can focus without wondering how I am going to get out of class to go get him, or get out of class to take the phone call, or whatever. Less stress=happier family.

Hubby is working his first full day today at the P.O. I will miss our fun Saturday afternoons, but we will adjust. We will be seeing a lot of hubby's family tonight and I'm looking forward to it!


  1. Hope you enjoy the new game. See aren't you glad you took my adivice? LOL

  2. Too bad you still won't have time to hang with your bff.