Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Good Choices

So far this week, I have walk/ran over 8.5 miles in three hours, and done 16 minutes on the elliptical. On Tuesday night, after my workout, and watching Biggest Loser ( be continued ... BIG DISAPPOINTMENT!) I went to the grocery store. The same grocery store that has the really yummy wraps with cream cheese, cojack and ham. Anyway, I went to the grocery, and my tummy was hurting just enough to make me not even go over to where they have those wraps. I got the groceries I needed and was on my way.

Yesterday, I did homework, went to class and did the treadmill. I started out at 15 incline at 2 miles per hour. I decreased the incline .5 every minute while increasing my speed .1. I also watched part of the Coal Miner's Daughter. I never got to see any singing, though. Anyway, I got home and the kids were at Awana. Hubby was home and playing Just Dance 2. I was on the phone with my muddah and told her, "I need to go dance with hubby!" She prolly thinks I meant something else, but oh well. So we did a few duets and a few singles. So after a half hour of dancing preceded by a half hour of walking/running, I decided to read.

I started the book Remember Me? by Sophie Kinsella on Tuesday night. I LOVED it! But, I also love her other books, the Shopahollic books. I finished it this morning and I REALLY need to get my math homework done. I don't know what I'm waiting for, and open invitation?

Dearest Auntie Mandy,

You are cordially invited to do your math homework at 1:45 p.m. EST. I hope to see it finish by 2:45 EST.

Lovingly yours,

Auntie Mandy

THERE! Now I must go finish my math homework. I have two minutes before it starts!


  1. I dunno . . it wasn't an ENGRAVED invitation.

    it's hard to do math this time of year. My feet get cold and I have to put my socks back on.

  2. I like her books too:) And, yeah, I agree about BL.

  3. I love her books too! I just got a kindle for xmas, love it1
    Biggest Loser, finally got to see what the other 2 trainers look like ooooh!
    Keep up the good work exercising!

  4. Don't RSVP to that math bitch-she is so out of style! ;-) Yeah biggest loser pissed me off, too. Friggin' presidential address. Yeah, I said it!

    Polar's Mom

  5. you were doing WHAT during the pres. address, Polar? omg.

  6. Homework.... work work..... Where does the time go!?

  7. All kinds of productivitty and smart choices going on here! Math homework is done, the answer is FOUR, right?