Saturday, January 29, 2011

Ha! It's NOT Simple Math!

I have been exercising a LOT! I have been eating sensibly. I have been getting my fruits and veggies. I have been the same weight (or within the same four pounds) since September. I am going to keep on keeping on. I know when my body gets out of hibernation mode, things will come around again.

I went around town yesterday and hung up posters for the St. Baldrick's event. I think I will hit another town each day next week. Then I will go to all of the businesses who have agreed to hang posters and ask them for donations. I really need to get some funds raised!

I am off to get myself together for the day. I plan to do three miles today, bringing this week's total to 14.


  1. I agree - it is more than simple math. Have you been measuring? Sometimes you see that change and the scale doesn't. Regardless, hopefully you are feeling great, physically and emotionally, thanks to all you are doing and that counts in the equation too! Hang in there.

  2. Way to keep pushing on Mandy. Do you do weights? I've heard it will help thru these times when the scale doesn't move.
    Happy Saturday!

  3. Don't forget to hang one at work tomorrow! There's a nice big space open up on the community bulletin board where my house flier used to be :-(

  4. Fourteen miles is a nice number for the week, two miles a day average, whoohoo!

    Keep at it, keep reviewing what you are doing to be certain you are ending each week with a calorie deficit. All weight loss math has margins for error for the variables of the individual body, so striving for a slightly greater deficit than what you are achieving now may help you see that scale get going downward.

    Have a Great week!