Monday, January 24, 2011

End of a Beautiful Monday

The first one is due home in about 15 minutes. Then I will go pick up the other two. I thought I would use this quiet time to reflect on my day so far.

This morning, I went to the in-laws to use their equipment. This is the first time I had done that. The rule is that you let out animals and let them back in while you are there. So I got there and let out Molly girl. Molly is a 14 1/2 year old Brittany Spaniel. She was Grandpa's dog before he died almost two years ago. Molly is both deaf and blind. She still has her sense of smell and she uses it. Then there is Lucy. Lucy is a mischievous black lab. She is about 30 lbs overweight (like me) and is always binging on something she shouldn't be (she's the one that ate the Thanksgiving turkey). Then there is Tim. Tim is a big black and white tom cat. He is always bringing special treats that he found in the woods. Biscuit is a black cat that used to get beaten up by all of the other cats that Grammy and Poppy used to have. She's now the oldest, but the smallest. There are two small tabby cats named Max and Erma. They are usually hiding. Then there is Sparky. Sparky is a 16 lb tabby cat. All of these cats followed my in-laws home while they were out walking, usually training for some 1/2 marathon.

So after everyone went out and came back in, I went to use the elliptical. SIX minutes straight! That is twice my high score. Then I went to the treadmill. I ran for 4 minutes, walked for two when Sparky and Tim saw something in the snow that they needed to get to. So I stopped the run/walk to let them out. I accidentally turned off the machine finding it necessary to restart and lose all of my data. So I got back on the machine and ran for about two minutes when Sparky decided it was too snowy for him. So I got off the machine again, accidentally reset the machine AGAIN and let him in. So I started again and figured out how to pause it without resetting (and NO! There is NO pause button). So I ran walked (mostly walked from this point forward) for 3 miles. If I was going 3.5, I was at a 1.5 incline. The slower I went the steeper the incline. I sweated a lot!

So, for breakfast I had a banana with walnuts, for lunch, I had some steamed veggies and for dinner, I will be having vegetable soup that I made when I got home. I am back to the basics to get Friday night out of my system.

I will be hearing the thud thud thud of giant feet in a few minutes.


  1. good girl. I'm gonna have to step up my eliptical workout. Maybe. Just to stay ahead of you.

  2. I'm still getting over the fact that all those animals went out and came back in. It takes an act of Congress to get our Jack Russell to come back inside.

    Great job on your workout-and turning the machines back on. ;-)

    Polar's Mom