Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I'm Back Again!

Did you miss me? I just now finished reading everything and found out that today is the day that I am supposed to check in for the power of 1 thingy. I am up today. I don't know how much from last week, because I didn't check that when I weighed in this morning. I am sure it is the nasty salami holding on to my intestines instead of leaving my body.

Here are my goals or whatever they are supposed to be called:

1. Ohio - Still in it!
2. Continue what I'm doing - make good choices. Those good choices do not include eating things I am allergic to, or make me feel sick. - DOH!
3. Remember to take my supplements. That is the best habit I have gotten into thanks to the Hot 100 Challenge. - That is what gets me through!
4. First mini goal- lose 15 lbs so that I can get EA Sports Active Trainer 2. I'm going in the wrong direction!
5. Get to goal. That requires losing just over 30 lbs. That is so doable! I have got to do this!


  1. You've got it in the bag, Mandy. The EA Sports Active Trainer - tried it the other night. I love it. For me it was on Easy with Medium work-out intensity and I got through just over half. It was challenging and I loved it. Lots of sweating too. There's one part where my character (me) is running a race against 3 other people and when I noticed they were catching up I just booted it. Good for motivation and I had nicely sore quads the next day. May be a little advanced for me at my weight but you'll have a blast with it.

  2. doggone. we gotta check in every week? blah.